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Bubbles Boutique, Montreal, QCCustomer Service/Returns

Extremely poor and abusive customer service.

I was visiting Montreal from Toronto and doing some shopping. Bubbles appears to be a very nice boutique with unique clothing items. It is somewhat high end and pricey. I purchased a nice shirt for $120.00. The clerk wrapped the shirt in green tissue paper and put it in a paper bag. I got caught outside in the rain within 5 minutes after leaving the shop. The bag and tissue paper got wet and ran into the shirt and ruined it. I tried to have it professionally cleaned but the stains could not be removed.

I returned to the store to request an exchange or refund. The clerks apparently have no authority to deal with returns. She had to call the owner who apparently refused my request. The clerk literally shrugged at me when I asked why the store would not exchange it. I asked to speak to the owner by telephone. He was extremely aggressive and rude. He blamed me for the problem, indicating that I was essentially stupid and should have realized the shirt would get wrecked since it was not in a plastic bag. I had purchased other items that day that were also in paper bags with tissue and none of them were ruined and the owner told me that those stores used better quality paper and bags.

The entire experience was really horrible. I have never experienced anything like this at any other boutique. It is certainly not the type of behaviour I expected from this type of store. I do not recommend this store to anyone.

This person also owns Aqua down the street so I assume their 'customer service' policies are identical.

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    • Dc
      D. Caine Jul 10, 2009

      I read the previous complaint prior to going to Bubbles, where I went on the reccomendation of a friend who shops there. I will not comment on my thoughts of the complaint but rather on my experience.

      I found the service, incidentally from the owner, to be first class. He assisted me in trying to find the right fit and style and at no time exhibited any aggressive behaviour and in fact was extreemly helpful without any pressure to buy.

      I did buy three shirts and my wife purchased a pair of jeans and funnily enough it was raining, as it often does in Montreal. We were sensible enough to take precautions to ensure our purchases remained dry, when you buy good quality cothing the last thing you want is for them to get wet!!!

      I was very happy with my shopping experience and would reccomend the Bubbles as a stop on your seach for quality and stylish clothing.

      Derek Halifax Nova Scotia

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