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I got 3 prescriptions filled at wal-mart on West Kimberly Road in Davenport, IA for a 90 day supply of Cymbalta 60mg, Cymbalta 30mg, and Xanex 1mg. It is the end of February and I notice that I am low on Xanex and not thinking about when the prescription was filled. I call wal-mart and they tell me that they will contact my doc about refills. Later that day I call and see if they heard anything from my doc given the fact that I only had one pill left. They had heard nothing and it was a friday. I remembered that I had a refill left on the same xanex prescription from when I was in Florida for a pageant and it was through wal-green's. I go to wal-greens to get it filled and they tell me that I have the same medication on file at another pharmacy for 90 days. I tell them what is going on. I also noticed that I still had about a month's worth of my cymbalta and I filled it on the same day as the xanex so everything should have come out right about the same.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Davenport, IAWal-green's tells me I need to go to wal-mart and let them know. The pharmacist at wal-mart tells me that all of his stock counts back and so there is no way that I should be missing any pills. I said well can't you review security tapes? He says that the tapes won't show how many pills were counted out. So I guess he trusts all of his employees not to steal a controlled substance. I told them I wanted all of my prescriptions pulled and I didn't want to fill with them anymore because they were not secure enough for me. I go home and count my Cymbalta pills. I have 33 pills left of the Cymbalta 60mg and I have 48 pills left of the Cymbalta 30mg yet I take one of each per day. The 33 pills left is probably more of the correct amount of medication that I should have left for all 3. I have never been so disgusted. This is my mental health and I can't afford nor can my mental health be put in jeopardy because they have employees that are not careful or want to steal medications and them not even look into it.

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  • Yo
      Feb 28, 2013

    It's always the Xanax... never anything uncontrolled... that people run out of early. Coincidence?

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  • Ol
      Oct 20, 2019

    @youwillsurvive Yep—-because people steal them. A relative stole twelve xanax pills from my prescription bottle. There’s nothing I can do but take pills every other day until I can refill and cross my fingers the panic doesn’t start again.

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  • Ap
      Jan 29, 2015

    Cancer patient. Two years. Same meds same WalMart Phamacy in Indialantic FL. End of year. . Made special trip to dr's office for refills under new law. Ativan and Hydrocodone/apap. Brought to drop off window. Said I wanted Ativan filled but would keep Hydrocodone scrip for another time since I didn't need it. Lady told me she would keep it on file or enter it and all I would have to do is call for the hydrocodone pain pill prescription to be filled. So last week I went to the pharmacy while I was in the store to order that prescription dated end of December - refilled. . Girl at desk said no such prescription. And they were 'not allowed' to keep those prescriptions on file. And so basically I was wrong and no such prescription existed. HAH. She called druggist over and he basically repeated the same story. That it didn't happen. They saw in their computer the Ativan prescription, filled on January 2, 2015 and my past two years history of using these drugs regularly (single cell carcinoma patient). I told him I had NO REASON to lie about it. And that that 'girl' did take both of my prescriptions the same day but only entered and filled one. . What she did with the hydrocodone prescription has become pretty obvious after reading some of the stories on this. page. I think someone got 90 hydrocodone pills somehow with my prescription. . I had no dog in this race. I have new prescriptions under the new law already. But ya know??? At some point they're going to get caught. I also have been given the 'story' many times that they didn't 'have enough' cough syrup to fill my prescript so I only got half, and never got the other half. Scam City here I'm thinking. I really want to make this public and will probably report it to Headquarters somehow but this is a public forum and I hope it will help, although I don't see any very recent entries. Thanks for the opportunity to say my piece.

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