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Brandon, MS, United States
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My wife and I came to eat at a waffle house around 12 am. Every table was occupied or dirty so we had no choice but to sit at a dirty table. The waitress came over and told us we should have waited to sit down or gone to another waffle house down the street. I nicely told her we would wait for it to be cleaned. She eventually wiped the table down with a soaking wet towel which left the table puddled with dirty towel water. She then threw our silver ware on the soaking wet table. I asked her what her problem was she responded so rudely that we could order or leave or she would call the cops and make us leave. I told her to call the cops then never getting loud or disrespectful. She went and got a male cook who apologized for her attitude and took our order after properly cleaning the table.

Sep 23, 2017

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