Waffle House / server with a rude attitude

The server Tanike at the waffle house in phenix city alabama near walmart at highway80 and 431 she was very rude. Even when we thanked her she said nothing. 1st when we sat down we didnt have menus and when we reached behind for a set she said I am getting you menus in a rude [censored] tone. She then told us to get up she wasnt done with the table rude as hell. She was snappy when taking our order and let some staff know she didnt want anymore tables. She ignored us but loved talking to another black guest. I have never been treated this way and we visit waffle house alot. I have been a server for over 10yrs and this is the worse I have ever been treated. She was extremely disrespectful and rude. If my 10yr old autistic son wasnt with me I would have had words with her. We will not be back and I will let my guest and friends know about my experience .

Jun 09, 2018

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