Waffle House / server

We went in there tonight about 12:05 am and no one was there but us. when we walked in they were seating and eating. they had to get up to serve us so it seemed like they didn't like it. I told her I wanted my bacon to be crispy and when I got the food it was chewy but I still didn't say nothing. after we received the food my little boy asked for jalapeños and she turned her face like he was an [censored] and she went to get it with attitude. so after he finished his grill cheese sandwich I asked for another one and she looked at him like crazy. and he was still hungry so I have ordered another one and she said oh whoever looks at this ticket in the morning the manager will be mad at her so I quite don't understand why would they will be mad at her because we are full paying customers and you are getting more business. if she wants to she can make as many tickets she wants and it's not my problem however you guys should teach them how to serve properly. Then they wonder oh I don't make enough tips. by the way her name was Britt.

May 31, 2018

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