Waffle House / manager customer service

Fayettevillle, United States

On 10/15/17 my fiancé and I went to Waffle House on Yadkin Road, Fayetteville NC and ordered the 2 for $4 waffles x2 (one which was peanut butter) and a small sausage, egg, and cheese grit bowl with a slice of city ham. I was under the impression it would be no more than $16 my total came out to $23.56. When asked they said "it's the way I said it when I ordered it", instead of *offering* anything for the inconvenience or misunderstanding she gets an attitude and says "well what would you like me to do for you", my fiancé then asked for a Complementary waffle she agreed. Then when asked when could we pick it up she told us we couldn't get it since we said "we understand how to order for future references". I understand it's $7.00 however, it's the principal and poor management. If we didn't say we wanted $4 individual waffles why charge us. Then to not even apologize, or try to make it better.

Waffle House

Oct 17, 2017

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