Waffle House / hamburger overdone, and condiment tray and condiment bottles were nasty

After the meal was placed on the table I reached for the mustard bottle and discovered that the bottle and as a matter of fact all the bottles of condiments were nasty. The silver metal condiment holder looked as if it had not been washed/cleaned since the Waffle House was opened, many years ago. It actually ruined my appetite.
However, I was still gonna try to eat my burger meal, and discovered the hamburger was so touch I couldn't even cut it with my knife. I did present that to my waitress and she brought me another one which was ok but at that point I just was too grossed out by the nastiness of the condiment situation.
Date of incident: 3/20/2017
Waffle House
3995 University Dr.
Huntsville, Al 35805

I don't see how they passed health inspection.
They need to clean the place up. I can't imagine that the kitchen area is any better.

Mar 20, 2017

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