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Wachovia Bank / fraudulant account!

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After having an Wachovia account for 20 years, since i turned 18 in the year of 1999, now at the age of 28, It is extremely sad to say that I DO NOT recommend Wachovia bank to anyone! They are a major scam, and treat their customers with no respect. They avoid situations, and only credit customers back with overdraft fees the $35. and how ever many they have when they are in fault. As of right now, I am currently getting a run around between the dispute Department and the bank itself because on 11/05/07 I realized that I had $99.95 withdrew+ a $35.00 overdraft fee to my account from a credit card company of Millinium Bank. I then realized that I never even applied for a C.C for Millinium Bank and that My Identity has been STOLEN from me and used to apply for a credit card from Millinium bank. I called both Milli. and Wachovia to notify them and hopefully recover my $99.95. On the same day of Monday,11/05, I went into the branch and filed and signed a affidative to relieve my money. The bank said they would fax this paper to Milli. Bank that same day and we Later find out that this was done wed., 11/7/07 and that the $99.95 would be back into my account on that thursday morning. After finding out that the money was not in my accnt. that thursday morning and that I had been ridiculously charged a $2. person to person fee on top of that, I called again on friday to find out that My money wont be in my account until Tuesday morning of the 13th(which is today). Still, Nothing in my account, The good thing is that Wachovia did credit me back $140. after charging me $35.00 overdraft fees FOUR TIMES. They think that now, my problem should be resolved, but it's actually an avoided situation on my part. After being told today, and speaking to the Dispute Department, which told me that by This Friday, 11/17/07, My money for $99.95 Should be in my account by that morning at 12/1am . In the mean time, this is where i am being scammed. On top of the $99. I am overdrafted again, another $70.00 for 2 overdraft fees of $35.each. As well, I have a big check that is going strictly to my rent that needs to be paid tomorrow, and I have to cash this and they refused to cash it, that they have to take $72.oo out of my check to cover my fee's. Again the Ridiculous $2 service and the $70. overdraft fee. Which brings me back to the fact that if my $99.95 would've went into my account when to be posted today at 12am, I would only have saw $25.95 of it. This is where they start to scam people and avoid the whole fraud situation and my identity theft. I think that this is very unethical of such a bank that is suppose be there to help protect their customers. On the same day, Today, 11/13/07 I contacted Millinium Bank, which is trying so hard to help us out and give us ways to get back at Wachovia and help get our money back, My Fiance and come to find from that bank, The such lovely of a wachovia bank, never even faxed the form to them like they said they did, so really getting my money back to me by Friday,11/17/07 really isnt happening because wachovia LIED about the fax to the bank. My Fiance, and I threatened Wachovia Bank to getting a lawyer and taking them to court, prior to finding out that they never even faxed anything. Now, the court issue will begin, and i am definitely changing my bank... and its not going to BANK of AMerica(which is another bad bank) This whacked bank has a tendency of Delaying the most important issues as far as customers go... best advice, STAY AWAY FROM WACHOVIA! Its really sad to see this happening after 20 years of service with them... Never saw it coming and I even heard bad news about them for a long time... GUESS I SHOULD LISTEN TO FORMER CUSTOMERS FROM NOW ON.

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  • Ni
      5th of Dec, 2007
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    Don't ever use this bank if any one is looking for one go to a credit union or use cash!!! They suck so bad!

  • Co
      25th of May, 2008
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    Hey, If you want to complain about Wachovia Bank ?
    forget about there banking practices and check in to whos' building there banks and doing there fixture installs.

    They are built and, Bank fixtures (Teller Lines, Ect) are intalled by some llegal iImmigrants . Wait untill Bill Oreilly gets this news

    Copter Davis

  • Wa
      9th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Visit our site and see join the hundreds of stories that are like yours. There is power in numbers and we are growing with complaints!

  • Dk
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    STAY AWAY FROM WACHOVIA!!! They will gouge and cheat you and abuse their banking power!
    I opened my first account in 1980!!!
    They have treated me like filth!


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