Wachovia Bankinvasion of privacy


For all the people that have accounts with Wachovia, and you have a credit card debit taken out every month (going to Wachovia) you might want to pay attention to this. I have 3 credit cards that I have done this way. I have it setup to pay a certain amount every month, Wachovia pays them, I don't have to mess with it. THIS is what I want you to PAY ATTENTION TO. I checked out one of my credit cards and there was a problem. I went back to the top of the page and clicked on HISTORICAL statements. Guess what came up? My Wachovia BANK STATEMENT. I was in shock. I could not believe what I was seeing. My credit card company had NO BUSINESS looking at my bank statement. It looked just like the one I pull up any time I want to including whom I have paid and who has paid me. I called Wachovia and they said they had no control over that. I would have to contact the credit card company.
I had never seen a page or site or whatever it's referred to as that my bank statements were on. All around the page were sites you could go into. It looked like they were selling peoples (my) information. I really don't know. I had to look many hours to find that information. Has anyone else seen this? If anyone know's
what I saw, please contact me. I call it an invasion of my privacy. But, what in the world are these people doing with it? If you know any thing about this, please contact me: [protected] Thanks, saszy

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