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This is about the Vons store at 710 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Receipt ref# [protected], 3/27/17 at 14:52. This is 2 complaints for this same time/receipt. 1) overcharge of item. 2) unethical behavior by an employee of Vons

Complaint 1) Item, Vaseline Intensive Care lotion was on the shelf with a sale price on it as $4.49. When we paid at the register we were charged $7.99. I complained to a store employee who sent another staff member to check the shelf. My boyfriend went with the staff member to check. When he returned the women employee who had sent him argued with both her staff member and us as to the validity of the sale. The staff member she was arguing with clearly explained that we were correct, it had the sale ticket there. The woman employee yelled at him in front of us, as if he was a child, saying he doesn't know what he's doing etc etc. Then she turned to my boyfriend and yelled at him saying she would honor it this time but that it's "not the way this works"

We don't care the way it works for her. You put an item on the shelf, list it as on sale, then overcharge us, not our problem. This happens 50% of the time I shop at Vons. I am constantly being overcharged, $1, $2, $3 dollars over. Sometimes I don't notice till I get home, this time I noticed in the store.

When the woman finally did credit me for the mistake, she only credited me for the price at $4.99 not $4.49. But at that point, we had waited for so long to resolve this we had to go back to work.

Complaint 2) Not only was that woman employee extremely rude to her staff member, and us, there was a gentleman in a wheelchair waiting for her help. I witnessed him ask her for help three times and she was so rude to him. She told him he had to wait and that she couldn't help him. Then when another staff member from the Starbucks bar, came to ask this woman employee for her help, she pointed to the man in the wheelchair and said she couldn't help cause she was helping him. I witnessed her do this over and over again - refused to actually help him but use him as a way to avoid doing work. It was despicable.

The gentleman in the wheelchair was clearly mentally impaired. He wasn't a vagrant, I spoke to him. Turns out he was a Veteran who had two Vons gift cards. The cashiers wouldn't help him and sent him to this woman, then she wouldn't help him either. Is this how Vons and Safeway treat US Veterans??

As stated before, I have had a serial problem with Vons overcharging me for items they list as sales items, then when you get to the cash register I am overcharged -- and it's not that I picked the wrong item off the shelf, I picked the item marked sales item, that should have given me a sales price. If I added up how many times this happens I'd probably easily be overcharged by Vons a few hundred dollars a year.

This last episode has prompted me to take my business elsewhere. I've slowly been changing my shopping habits in favor of Trader Joe's. Vons is more convenient for me, but I'm tired of the practices of this company.

Mar 27, 2017
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      Oct 03, 2017

    So angry. Same thing happened to me today. I always knew what they are doing but never spend time to catch them. Until today when the cashier hand me a funny receipt, almost noting printed on it. Asked her what is this? She tells me sorry the register doesn't work. I insist for a readable copy. The supervisor sent a lady to bring me one. After 45 minutes waste the supervisor decided to run my items in training mode on anoder register. The reason I went true that hassle was because I bought bacon that was on sale from $ 6.99 to $ 4.99. When the first cashier was scanning I noticed on the screen showed $ 5.99. Any how I ask the supervisor why didn't I get the sale price. He told me it's not on sale. Very very funny. Let's walk there I ask. Well well well he was surprised. Sorry he said. I got my $4 refund for four bacon plus $5. Am I going back to Von's again. No No No not just because one incident. I knew this was happening previously. Von's store in Palmdale, Ca on corner of Rancho vista and 30th st west.

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