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Vonage Phone Service / Deceptive business practices and rip-off!

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In Jan 07 I ordered Vonage phone service, when it got here it was a headphone set that you used at a computer, it had a key to plug in the front of the computer so you could take it where ever you wanted that had high speed internet.

I called to cancel & said this was not what I expected, & wanted to cancel, so the salesperson told me that I had got the wrong one, that I needed a motorolla, so I said o.k. I could try that, for $19.99 a month unlimited service. well it came on Feb 5th , after I got it hooked up i found I could call out, but all incoming was long distance, why would my neighbors want to call me long distance from across t he street, so I call & talked to a Dexter employee # 2497 & said I wanted to cancel. he told me there would be $150.00 disconnect fee. I said why & he said because I went past my 30 day cancellation deal. I said they kept me trying without telling me my time was running out, he said the only way he can waive this is if I keep it for March & April at $24.99 a month & I said why $24.99, it was only supposed to be $19.99 & he said well, this is how it is if I want to cancel. I feel this has been a big rip off & feel I deserve my $68.00 they took out for the hook up plus $34.04 for feb. 07.

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  • Ka
      26th of Jun, 2007

    I ordered Vonage phone March 19, 2017. When I received the unit an hooked it up and found out that it was not going to work for me. I could not get reception good enough to hold a conversation. My calls were all choppy and would drop or I could not hear the person I was talking to. I called Vonage and told them that this phone is not going to work for me please cancel. They told me that they would have their elite time to help me with it so that I could get better reception. There was nothing they did that changed the problem. I called several times at least 10 times asking them to fix it or cancel. They would
    never cancel my phone. Finally I called and demanded that the phone be
    canceled. Then she told me that I would be charged a disconnect fee. I asked for what I have never been able to use the phone. I sent the equipment back and sent a letter at that time for them to send me my refund. I have not received my refund as of yet. Today I got another email telling me that I owed them for another month of service that I have never got a chance to use. I don't know what to do to get Vonage to cancel my service. Please, if anyone can help me please email of call me.

    Thank you, Kathy H.

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  • Pe
      17th of Jul, 2007

    When I ordered Vonage service I told the operator that I had Juno internet service and asked would Vonage work with that service and she said yes. I tried to get my phone service working for 2 weeks then called to cancel Vonage because it was more work to get it on than I had time for. When I called to cancel the operator told me Vonage doesnt work with Juno in most areas. I told her I wanted to cancel. so she told me there would be another 45.00 cancellation fee. I told her I had never been able to use the Vonage service and that they already had my original 45.00 from my initial order but she said they had to have another 45.00 deposit to insure they get their equipment back. I asked her if I did not have 45.00 in my account did that mean I could not cancel and she said yes, and that I only had 10 days to cancel because I orded the service on the 22 of June and my 30 days was almost up. I told her I would send the equipment back then cancel so they would not have to go back into my account and she said okay. I told her I was going to send the equipment back UPS instead of waiting for it to be picked up and she said that would be fine. I sent the equipment back certified mail and it arrived yesterday according to the tracking number. It was received by a J. Byrnes. I just got another phone service on today. I checked to see if I could cancel online and I cannot but there is a paragraph in the cancellation police that says if you send the equipment back without the official cancellation account number you will not get your money refunded. The operator never told me I needed a cancellation number. I would like to know how to keep Vonage from taking more money out of my account. I am suppose to get a month free but the operator told me that I would be charged again on the 22 of july. I got my phone on to late to cancel today but I will be calling them everyday from now on.

    Any advice? Please help. I do not have the money in the bank.

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  • Va
      18th of Jul, 2008
    Vonage Phone Service - Awful company
    23 Main Street
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: 888-580-4020

    I was never told that Vonage was incompatible with Brinks Home alarm system and also that I would be trapped in a contract. Not even once, did the rep mentioned to me about cancellation fees. Now, I cannot afford a second phone line that I had to have to support my alarm system and I decided to cancel Vonage. Where in the world do they get these people from? He refused to accept the fact that I no longer need their service. The rep interrogated me as if I were a criminal being tried for murder. He even had the nerve to attempt to charge my card $127.78 but I canceled the credit card right away. This company is a crook and I can't believe they're still in business. ANY GOOD LAWYERS OUT THERE WHO ARE WILLING TO TAKE ON A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST THEM? I will tell all my family, friends, co-workers and patients not to go with VONAGE.

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  • Re
      9th of Dec, 2008
    Vonage Phone Service - SCAM, FRAUD, HANGUPS
    United States

    DO NOT ORDER VONAGE --IT IS A SCAM FOR MONEY-------THEY LIE AND HANG UP ON YOU WHEN YOU CALL WITH COMPLAINTS!!! I called to order VONAGE on 11-17-08, I told them I had Centurytel and wanted to get away from their bad service, so I ordered Vonage, they drafted $26.64 out of my bank before I got off the phone and I called back to get my internet service connected and they told me it would still be centurytel so I told them to cancel they did not cancel but transferred me 20 times and then said I would have to call back on Mon. when that day came they said "well we already shipped equipment and would have to charge another $39.00 for fees and I couldn't get it back until they got the equipment back that I hadnt received yet... and now today is the 9th and I only have 30 days to cancel this and straighten it out or I will not get my money back...NOW WHAT????? The company is filled with ###s that do not know what they are doing...CAN I TRULY SAY ENOUGH BAD ABOUT THIS COMPANY? NO!!!

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  • Nn
      14th of May, 2010

    I have a Pinnacle Security System and no rep told me that this would not work with Vonage Phone service. I have been paying them $43 for the last 2 years without a decent alarm system and today I confirmed and the company says it does not work with my phone system.

    Any class action lawyer out there? They can give their information here on my message so I can contact them.

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