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9-13-08 Anyone who has ever dealt with Vonage will know about the problems they have with connection service...

customer service

I don't use my vonage phone service so I tried to cancel. All of a sudden there were all of there charges and fees that they never mentioned before. The talk about there free trial, but if you keep them your stuck with them for years. There worse than the cell phone companies. Then when you do try to talk to someone, there in India and its imposable to understand them. Avoid Vontage at all cost.

  • Vonage_ERT Sep 23, 2015

    Thank you Steve for your feedback.
    We have sent you a private message to understand your situation further and offer our assistance in resolving this.

    Thank you again,
    Vonage ERT

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bad service

Dec. 13 I had a long conversation with someone in sales at Vonage. Included in the conversation was the fact...


I signed up for vontage in Jan 08 and upon receiving my equipment found out that they could not use my phone number that i presently have. THey advertise that when signing up you can keep your own phone number, not the truth. I sent the equipment back in Feb, 08. Sent several emails requesting they process my cancellation, called and sent letters. They have continually taken $34.00 out of my checking monthly, I called to today requesting that they stop and their reply was this. This now August 08, so they have a total amt of $238.00 plus the $60.00 for the equipment. They all of a sudden now do not show my equipment being return, which that shouldn't matter since I paid for it in full. Told them to check their records could see that I have not used their service, since I don't even have a phone number to utilize it with, but their reply is if I cancelled the service they would charge me $172.00 for early disconnect fee. I requested that they stop taking the money out of my checking and they ignored my stmt not once, not twice but at least eight different times. This was a manager in their customer service department in another country besides US, so their english is horrible. I then requested to speak to the main office was given another number to call, called and the operator put me into a voice mail. The voice mail promises to return calls within four hours if they are open. So I have since contacted the attorney general, the better business bureau, and our news station. This is the most ridiculous way to do business I have ever seen, who would want to go with vontage.

credit card abuse

Informed company that i want to stop phone service. They then told mr there would be a 39.00 charge. I complaint about the charge and informed them to no longer charge my credit card. I was told that they would keep charging any way. I was charge the next month any way. Had to stop card, asked vontage to bill me for any charge left they refused to send a bill and sent collection.

THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've seen and there Customer comes last.

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illegal actions and no ethics

Upon hooking up our new Vonage phone, the Vonage company illegally disconnected service from our other...

didn't cancel my account

VONAGE DIDN'T CANCEL MY ACCOUNT... On june 5th i ordered Vonage i got fees waived for signing up and 3...

cancelled and still charging!

They are still charging me!! After cancelling my service in November 2007 (now July 08) which they claim I didn't cancel they are still charging my card to this day. I even sent back the modem as requested which they also claim they never recieved but I sent it courier and have confirmation of. Wait until tonight after asking for a supervisor for the millionth time she said "oh wait we did get it, we can only credit you for the modem" I wanted to know how I was expected to pay for a service that I couldn't use if they had the equipment. This company is horrible. I asked her to give me someone that would credit me for the months since I did cancel and even sent back the modem...she said "that is not going to happen! Here is the head office address and phone number but they are not going to do anything for you.
I just want the other people out there to know to stay away from their services, I have warned all my friends and neighbours. They also gave my mother a hassle when cancelling as well.
So apparently as off today my account is cancelled but I guess I will find out soon enough. I am going to report my credit card stolen then they will not have the card number to charge it anymore!!! So that is my advice to the rest of will be a pain to have a new card sent and wait for it but at least they will not have the new number or expiry date!

Good luck to all of you and I don't plan on stopping I will leave everyone a voicemail in their head office since all I can enter is an extension to give them my opinion of them ripping off all these people, since I have read many similar posts on this website.

Here is the contact info I received for Vonage...
maybe it will help some of you.
Head office address 23 Main St, Homedale, NJ 07733

Phone number [protected]

  • Po
    PO customer May 20, 2009

    Wow I thought that I was the only person
    I requested my account be put on hold while I sort issues out with my internet provider and they Vonage kept on charging me and now they say that there is no record of my request
    I would love to get enough of us together and file a class action against Vonage for the ammount we are being charged as well as the stresses that we have had to deal with because of this company
    if anyone else feels this way E mail me at [email protected]

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terrible service

We've had Vontage for 3 months. 3 of the worst months ever! My husband stop using the phone it was so...

bad business practice

I had vonage in 2006 for a short time before i was told that i had to deploy to iraq. I had called and canceled the service sent all the eqiupment back and sent them a copy of my orders showing i was leaveing. They never canceled it!! So while i was in iraq i got a chance to call to find out why. Vonage tells me to call back in 3 days to cancel that they cant process it then, I tell them it will be impossible because i was deployed not that easy to get to a phone. They said no problem we will take care of it. Funny 2 years later i am still getting billed with no help at all. They owe me $771.00 and refuse to pay it to me. They even show that i called to cancel and they still refuse to pay it to me. Then they tell me that they want me to send them billing statements for 2 years to they customer care service when they have proof that i have paid them. Really awsome how well they take care of people and screw the soldiers that defend this country so they can have a business. Guess I am just S.O.L thanks alot you ###!!

  • Pc
    PCITGUYS Nov 20, 2009

    Hey don't feel bad they are screwing everyone does not matter who you are.. I am sure the only way something is going to happen is if they screw over a high politcian then maybe something might happen. The claim that they tell yoo about all of these charges if you cancel.. No they do not, and of course they say that they have sent you the documentation, which of course they have not but god willing they have a copy of it. Then of course never mind that even if they did send you the agreement by the time you get it and read it you have already started the service so they can already charge you the "disconnection" charge.. Vonage is a rip off!!

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rip off artists -

WARNING !!! I switched from my local phone service to Vontage to save money. I signed up on 4/23/08. My original service disconnected 4/29/08 and I installed the vontage equipment. Learned that my alarm system wouldn't work and had problems calling particular cell phone numbers. Vontage states 30 day free trial. If you cancel within 30 days don't have to pay. Well what a bunch of crap as I called my original company to get them back on 5/07/08 but Vontage wouldn't allow access to my number. My prior company said that the service must be kept on until they have been given back my phone number otherwise, I'd have to get a different number. I called bck my original company on 5/16/08 and they tried and tried to get my phone number back from Vontage but Vontage wouldn't release it until 5/29/08 when they had passed my 30 day trial. I returned my equipment and they still charged my credit card $109.99. Don't trust what they say. They don't care about customers...only want their money and what they don't deserve to get. I'm currently contacting my bank to dispute the charges.

  • Ri
    Richard Aug 06, 2008

    They only want the moneyand use credit cards to get it. They beleive the card belong to them and not to there customers

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  • Ju
    justin simmy Aug 24, 2009

    Had my number switched to comcast on 8/14/09 cause vontage service is terrible (cheap but terrible, guess you get what you pay for). well today is 8/24/09 and my account is still open and getting charge when my number was transferred 10 days ago. So vontage has no active number on my account but still feels justified in charging me a monthly service chage.

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terrible experience

One October 10, 2007, my business partner and I received a direct mail promotion from Vonage that defined the promotion that they were running. Voice over IP (VOIP) phone service. We were contemplating the pros and cons of a VOIP service and determined, based on the conversation we had with the Vonage Rep that informed us that the agreement we were entering into was MONTH TO MONTH that we had somewhat of a risk free relationship. Vonage was running a 30 day money back guarantee - we felt that we could determine if the service worked for us or not within that time.

Two weeks passed after having one of the three phones before Vonage Customer Service was able to troubleshoot/diagnose the problem. That phone we called in and cancelled shortly after that but within the 30 days. We shipped the modem back as well directly to Vonage.

One the second of the three phones we had a similar experience - it took Customer Service more than two weeks to get that phone working - we kept that phone up until Thursday, June 5, 2008. The third phone works with the exception of the voicemail that has never worked. My beef is simple. One June 5, 2008 I called Customer Service to cancel the service and to request a refund for the charges that they had continued to take out of my business account for the first line we canceled. There should not have been a penny taken out since the service was canceled and the modem was shipped back - they owe our company more than $250 for that one line.

It gets better. When I attempted to cancel the second line, Vonage informed me that the first line was never canceled and that they never received the modem and that they were going to charge me a $130 cancellation fee because there was a contract I agreed to for all three lines.

Funny how they failed to mention that during the phone order for the service. Hmmm???? Plus they were going to charge me an additional $130 for the second line that I was canceling. So not only did they steal $250 out of my business account but they charged me an additional $260 for a total of $510 plus dollars! If they had disclosed to both my business partner and I that this was a one or two year agreement we certainly would not have agreed to have their service. But since we were told that it was month to month that is the ONLY REASON why we wanted to try their service. That is referred to a non-disclosure or terms or commonly known as deceptive trade practice.

Chase bank has already given me approximately $90 of the $250 Vonage stole out of our Business account and I am working closely with their fraud department to obtain the balance. I warn every consumer out there to avoid Vonage - they simply don't care!!!

I hope that this information gets into the hands of the FTC and they they intervene and protect other Consumers from future theft.

  • Hu
    Hugh Rios Nov 14, 2008

    My experience with this company is similar to yours. I'm at the point of reporting the problems to the BBB, then I'll go from there.
    If you have any suggestions about getting the money they took from my account, pls. drop me a note.

    Thank you,


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  • St
    Stan Jan 04, 2009

    I had Vonage for over 3 years. During that time, they offered an 'all in one' wireless router, which I purchased, rather than having multiple devices. After about 2 years, Vonage told me the router was 'stuck in an endless loop' and I'd have to buy another. I almost canceled at that point, but went out and bought another one. Several months later, they told me that there was nothing they could do, as they had basically given up on trying to support wireless routers. They said that since it was within the 1 year warranty period, they would replace it for no charge, with a wired unit and I would have to go buy another wireless router and plug this unit into it. Now, I have decide to cancel altogether and they want to charge me the disconnection fee and rebate recovery fee because they replaced my modem. I bought 2 devices that they had stopped supporting and they want me to pay even more. They even told me that they were having all kinds of problems with the wireless routers.

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  • Je
    jervz Jan 09, 2009

    Vonage will be the next SunRocket. They will belly up sooner or later so I advise everyone to switch provider.

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  • Ri
    rippedbyvonage Jul 09, 2009

    Please help me get in touch with Vonage Fraud Dept. They literally have debited my biz account to the tune of $1500., with multiple charges unbenounced to me. They have caused several overdraft charges and on top of this they suspended my phone service due to their incompetence. THANKS FOR F***ING ME VONAGE!!! If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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scam and cheating

I got a Vonage phone in 2/2008. I was not told that it would be a monthly trial period. I thought that if you signed up it was just like any other phone. Well I had lots of problems with the service. No one could ever hear me. The service was so choppy and I was trying to work from home. In May, I switched to my cable company for a phone. Vonage charged me $114.89 for my last month bill. I was charged outrageous disconnection fees and I was charged for the Vonage phone adapter (which you have to pay for when you sign up). I told the Rep on the phone that I had no idea about any disconnection fees and that they could have their device back because I didn't need it. I was told that to send the adapter back for a refund I would have to contact the corporate office to see if I was eligible for a refund!!! I could not believe that I was being charged this much money to disconnect PHONE SERVICE!!! Beware of Vonage. It is not a better way to phone for less. The service is terrible and you will get ripped off!

my bad experience

Vonage is the worst business I've had the unfortunate circumstance to be involved in. Their "first month free" is a lie, because it actually takes almost two weeks to receive your VOIP equipment.

I installed it and it never worked properly. I'm not alone going to and see the reviews for Vonage (not the one that some editor obviously was paid to write, but look at the ones written by users). They get a total of 4.2 (which I'm not sure how that computes, since it seems 80% rated Vonage as "abysmal").

Sometimes people couldn't hear me when I called them, sometimes they couldn't hear when they called me. Sometimes I couldn't hear people on the other line. Sometimes, I'd have to dial a number 6 times to get through (that's a pain when dialling overseas). This went on for two months. So I called them and told them I wanted to cancel.

I spoke to someone and they asked why I wanted to cancel the service. So I told them exactly what I just wrote here, then they said, "the account cancellation department isn't open today, call back Monday." Why did they want me to explain all that just to tell me it's closed? Idiots.

Then I called back on Monday and cancelled. They charged me $89.99 to cancel a service that NEVER worked properly.

Don't ever, ever, ever try Vonage... unless you like over paying for something that doesn't work properly.

Vonage is worst business I've been exposed to in 21 years.

  • Jo
    JohnnyC14 Mar 13, 2010

    First of all, you are typical uneducated user, The vonage service works as good as your internet connection, if your connection is crappy, so if your phone service, in fact, go ahead and try any other voip service out there you would probably have the same problem, could also be where you had the vonage device on your network too you have to prioritize it certain firewalls hurt quality of voip oh and also they ship there devices out within 2 business days from the time you order it so one of 2 things you either signed up via checking method which is a 7-10 day hold, or there was a shipping exception with UPS and they had incorrect address info

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scam and fraud!

I really just wanted to let everyone know what kind of business Vonage is and how horrible their costumer...

being billed for phone service after returning phone in a unopened box

I ordered the Vontage Phone, after ordering the phone af, he phone had already been shipped. I retured the...


Signed up for Vonage phone service in December 2007. Received their modem and instructions for...

fraud charges!

I signed up for Vonage for what was to be a first month free and otherwise 60 days free trial. 2 Complaints:

1. I was supposed ot get a fax line or second line with the service. Never did.

2. And this is the BIG complaint. Before the 60 day free trial period was up I called to cancel. The customer service rep (all of whom I have ever dealt with are overseas idiots in my judgment and opinion) promised me an additional 2 months free to continue 'trying' vonage.

America On Line has done this many many times for me over the past 10 years when I would try the free trial for 90 days and call to cancel (i.e. they would extend the free trial period without obligation - many times more than once before I would cancel). So naturally the way it was extended, being much like AOL, I accepted. After that when I tried to cancel (3 different times), I was told that I was indeed given the free extra months, but that it was not without obligation since my 2 month extension took me past the risk free 60 days and I had a contract where I agreed to pay almost $200 in fees to cancel after 60 days!

The second guy I spoke with was just a regular person answering phones at their number and was so arrogant that when I asked to speak to a supervisor he said 'We are all management here and have equal power and this is what they will tell you. So if you want to talk with someone else you can hang up and call the same number'! This of course was not true as I found out the 3rd time I called and got a supervisor who also insisted that the free months they gave me to induce me to stay did take me into the contract period where there were penalties to cancel.

BEWARE- Vonage will lure you to go beyond the 60 days risk free trial period with free months that are not risk free!

P.S. They also did charge me during one of the alleged free months some oddball amount.

  • Sh
    Shawn Georges May 19, 2008

    I can't beleive that Vonage hasn't pissedoff a Lawyer that has balls enough to take this company into the ground were it belongs. I just got off the phone with the same problem. My account was closed and then my bank account was charged $148. I think that this compnay has alot of problems. There are 15 pages of complaints. The BBB kicked them out of there listing as a bad company. In this day and age you would think that this company would go out of business with the terrible customer service and fraud that they are doing.

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taking money out of account!

We ordered vontage phone service, wasn't able to hook up. Sent box back never opened it up. Was never told about dsl not available in area. Needless to say they have been billing my account for almost 6 months, called to disconnect and was billed again after i was told they would stop the billing. This has been one of the worst experience i have ever had with a utility company, i work for one of the biggest utility companies in the world and we don't treat our customers this way

  • Ad
    Adrienne Hardy Mar 08, 2008

    I called them and was told they could use my satilite service high speed dail up and there was no problem ,oh and that they would call my phone company to cancel my phone service?I should have said no i will,so any way i get it hooked up now they tell me call your phone company and make sure they are diconnecting by fri.My phone company said that once they turned my phone service off,i will lose my internet service with them and have no phone or internet service .I couldnt beleive it.My phone company also said that this happens ALL day long they get the same phone calls and,there are so many law suits against them.SO I have canceled service and i have been charged for hooking up and canceling and have to pay to send the junk back,i am supposed to receive a refund on everything but postage.I feel they owe me that as well they out right lied. to me I hope they will honor what they have said.Im calling my credit card company and telling them and letting them deal with it.DONT DO VONTAGE!!!!

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  • Ed
    Eddrina Mar 25, 2008


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  • Di
    Diana Apr 22, 2008

    30 day free trail.. Nothing free about it. I was able to install and use the phone for 5 days. On the 6th day I wasn't able to make out bound calls. I looked up the FAQs went through reinstalling unhooking rebooting and so on only to have the same issue. When I wrote the company to cannel the 30 trail I was told to call. OK got two tin cans and a String? Meanwhile they sent me the FAQs and told me to try this. After I included what I did to resolve the problem. I had to call from work, and then was told I would be charged 142.50 for a 20.00 router until it was returned. None of that was mentioned when I signed up. If you call Vontage and listen to the phone tree you will find out what they are selling. You get the same gaps crackles and more at home.

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  • Gl
    glen may Jul 21, 2008

    my daughter tried to disconnect services and was told couldnt dissconnect untill total bill was paid and she would be charged monthly fee untill it was paid RIP OFF

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  • Da
    david Sep 16, 2008


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  • Sn
    snukies48 Aug 09, 2009

    Why didnt you just call your bank and stop payment and block them from accessing your account? I would think if you worked for the "largest utility company" you surely would of had the brains to correct the problem by other means.

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  • Sn
    snukies48 Aug 09, 2009

    I think people just like to complain or are with the competition. Vonage has excellent service and have never over charged my account. They dont have added fees. Their customer service is wonderful. So I dont understand where this person is getting off saying what he is. But when you put two and two together, he already claimed he works for another utility company...MMMMMMMMMM??? I smell dirty rat.

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impossible to cancel!

Vonage has to be stopped. While they make it very easy to sign up, to cancel is next to impossible. They...

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