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Cape Town, South Africa
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Dear Vodacom customer care,

On Tuesday 31 January I signed a new contract with Justin at iStore Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa, for an iPhone SE contract on ...150 (R150/month). My number was with Telkom since 2 years, but I asked Justin to port it (back) into the Vodacom network. It had already been turned into a (Telkom) Pay as you go number previously.

Just said that this could be done, but I had to go "next door" to the Vodacom shop. I did so, waited my turn (at least 20min) but was told by the sales person there that it makes no sense for them to port the number in, as it would be on a sim card that is not connected to the contract that I purchased at iStore. I understood this, bit upset for the runaround, and went back to Justin to tell him this report. He agreed and opened up his computer and fiddled with it some more while I waited. After a while he said that he had requested the port and that he would call me (my son) when it was approved or I should come back 48hrs later.

On Thursday 2 February (no call from Justin) I encountered Enver Julius at iStore Waterfront. I had to wait for him too as he was in the back, although there were no customers at all and it was 10.30am. Bit annoying. Enver did know about my contract and picked up the phone and documents from the back. He said that there was an issue with my number having originally come from Vodacom and being ported into Telkom about 2 years ago. He said that the number had been archived and only Vodacom "next-door" could get it back if I brought in my ID and proof of address (both of which I had given to Justin 2 days earlier). Again I waited at Vodacom, nearly 40minutes this time, and got to speak to "technical support" as Enver recommended. To my shock this person again explained to me with some anger that Enver has the same training and software and contacts as them, so he should do it to avoid me ending up with 2 sim cards. Very annoyed now, I returned to iStore and had to ask for Enver who was in the back again - to tell him that again Vodacom sent me back to him like they did 2 days ago to Justin. Without comment Enver opened his computer, typed (don't know what) and made a couple of phone calls regarding archived numbers. After about 20min he told me that Vodacom deletes numbers off their records if they are ported out of their network, and that they may only be brought back after 5 working days. He told me that it wasn't sure if the number could come back, so it may be better to take out a new number. I opted rather for the request to port my old Vodacom number back onto the network. Enver took my numbers and business card and said he would contact me as soon as the number was approved.

On Saturday 4 February I returned to iStore to find out the status of my request. Justin was there and recognised me. He said that he had left a voice message on my son's phone to say that I should do a sim swap at Telkom so that I could receive the Vodacom message that approves the porting in. My son had no voice message on his phone, but I did walk over to Telkom to get a new simcard for my number (the case was that my phone had been stolen, so I have no phone nor sim card at the moment, which is why I am purchasing a new contract). I gave Justin my new sim card so that he can put it in a/any phone and receive the message. He said that normally he can do this immediately, but that particular day their "systems were down". He apologised for the delay and said that he would call as soon as this was arranged.

No calls from anyone have been received all weekend nor today. So I called the iStore info number to ask for Enver or Justin. I was told that there is no phone number for them but a friendly service provider took my details and promised to write to them to contact me. Ninety minutes later - no call from Enver or Justin - I wrote an e-mail to Enver to ask what the story is with my contract. Never replied to say that "the system were down all weekend" and that he would deal with it asap and write back to me before he leaves. I replied that it was by now 4pm on Monday. I have still not had an answer from Enver.

I am very upset about being fooled by Enver and Justin ("just go next door" - according to "next door" they send customers to them all the time for time-consuming issues, despite their shop being not nearly as busy as the Vodacom shop) and about their complete lack of care to follow up or stick to a promise that they make.

I would like Vodacom to take charge of processing my new contract for an iPhone SE (R150/month) + porting in my number from Telkom [protected]) without further delay + offering me compensation for the messing around by Vodacom staff at the iStore Waterfront.

With thanks,
Mirjam Asmal

Feb 6, 2017

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