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Here is a copy of the e-mail I've send to Vodacom direct complaints. How can I pay for service if I can't even use the service/phone. The e-mail explains it all.

To whom it may concern.

I am one of a million of your unhappy clients at the moment. I recently upgraded Online. I upgrade online since I can not get to any vodacom shop since I do not have transport. (My car was stolen. Case number 08/10/2017 Buffelshoek SAPS), just in case you think I'm just using this as an excuse.

Right, so I upgraded. I received my phone. Whoopy, they did not send me a nano sim card for the phone. So here I go. Call vodacom, Yes mam, sure we'll send it to you, sorry for the inconvenience, you should receive it within 7 days. Now I sit and wonder (following day). I have not received any sms to confirm that this sim card is on its way like they said. So call vodacom again. "Yes mam, let me just check and make sure (check) "Hello mam, yes it is confirmed you should receive the sim card within 7 days. And yes mam, you should not call us again before next week Tuesday if there is a problem.

So now I waited 7 days. Right 7 days passed, no delivery of sim card. Phone enquire, "Yes mam, sure just hold on I will put you through to Kelly. Sorry mam I don't know why she does not answer, the phone rang and she picked up but she put it down and we can hear her, but she is not talking to us. Hold. Got cut off.

Now this really P's me off a lot already. So phone Vodacom again. "Yes mam sure just hold the line let me check for you. Mam it says here that you should go to your nearest Vodacom Shop to purchase a sim card and we will refund you. "Whaaattt!! That's not what they said. How the hell must I get to a shop if I have no transport. Why lie to me and say it is being send and I will receive it within 7 days if they weren't sending it"

Luckily Amanda said she would put it in her request and tell them about transport problem etc, it will be send to the back office and they will take it from there.

So now you see, this is all Amanda could do regarding her part of the job. It all depends on back office now if I would get a sim card so I can use my phone.

Now I want to tell you, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. We make our purchases online for a reason and mainly because we can't get to a shop nearby.

This is not the first problem I have with Vodacom. Your services are really dunking. I filed a complaint previously and after I just let it go. A year and a half later someone contacted me, (I have forgotten about the issue since I'm screwed anyway, nothing I can do about it), yes mam we just wanted to tell you that we will look into the matter. 6 Months later, yes mam, we just following up on your complaint. 6 months thereafter, someone contacted and came to see to my problem.

So now I want to know if this matter/complaint is going to take another 6 months or 2 and a half years to be exact, before it will be resolved or taken care of.

I am waiting for a very urgent report back to me in 24 hours, since that is the amount of time that businesses have to look into their e-mail complaints.

I am really really very disappointed in Vodacom. I have never since I had my first contract even thought about any other network since Vodacom has always been the best, but unfortunately I can not say the same anymore.

I trust this issue will be looked into ASAP and am waiting for your reply.

[protected] C. Maritz (p/a RA Pretorius)

Nov 22, 2017

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