Vodacom / vodacom fraud

In February 2017 there was fraudulant activity on my profile. An account was opened in my name. After sorting out the issue with Vodacom, a block was placed on my account. I could only do upgrades or changes on my account by physically going into a Vodacom store with my ID. In July the same thing happened. This time 5 fraudulant contracts. I have been trying to get Vodacom to solve the issue since then. About three weeks ago, they started calling me about an arrears account. I called the accounts department a minimum of five times, explaining to them that the arrears amount need to be credited by Vodacom due to fraudulant contracts which I am not responsible for. They just kept on calling me, to the extent that I blocked their calls.
On Monday 27 November, Vodacom cut my lines. My son, my daugter and I earn a living doing marketing from our cellphones. My daughter is on the road a lot, and her phone is the only way I can keep tabs on her safe movement. When I phoned in, I was told that there is a block on my profile and that I had to go in to the nearest outlet with my querie. I drove 170km from the farm to Kimberley to try and solve this, only to find that another fraudulant contract was allowed on my profile in August. The consultant, Bjorn, at the Vodashop at Northern Cape Mall went through my statements only to co clude that in fact Vodacom owes my R1600. He then sent this information through to Vodacom's fraud department. As I am writing this, my connection has not yet been fixed. I want out of this deal with Vodacom. How can I cancel my subscription and walk away from this. Please help.

Nov 27, 2017

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