Vodacom / upgrade 'gifts' and repairs

Fourways Mall, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Good day, During the month on November I upgraded my Vodacom package. At the same time that Vodacom had a special on where you could received one of three upgrade gifts. To date I have not received this gift. Vodacom has consistently given the excuse that they do not have stock, yet these goods can readily be purchased in store. With my upgrade I decided to go with the Sony Xperia Z5 (IMEI [protected]-419769-7). Since I had this phone I have only had problems with it. The phone would automatically open up my browser and the flashlight would come on and the phone would get to excessive heats where it could not even be handled. My father-in-law also had similar problems with his Sony and Vodacom repairs in Bloemfontein mentioned that his phone was a problematic one and they readily replaced. However, due to the excessive heat my phone got warped and when I took it to Vodacom repairs in Fourways they told me that the damage was malicious and it was due to my own negligence when I sat on my phone. I have my phones from my previous upgrades and they never gave me any of these problems. I have used a cellphone for many years. Not once have I sat on one or bent it. I never carry anything in my pants back pockets. What makes one Vodacom repair centre give a completely different answer to exactly the same issue to what another Vodacom repair centre gives. If this issue is so common and appears on the first page of a Google search how come Vodacom Repair Centre in Fourways is not aware of it but Bloemfontein is. Being from Randburg I would have expected that Gauteng would have been a tad more advanced. I am completely disgusted with Vodacom Repairs and Vodacom Upgrade services. I have never ever been so disappointed with Vodacom services. Hopefully Vodacom will resolve this matter and turn this disgruntled client. Shaun McCook [protected]

Dec 29, 2015

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