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About 3 months ago I received a call from a vodacom lady, stating that they had a promotion on a wifi rooter with 10 Gig (5 day time data, and 5 night time data) per month to the value of R199 per month. I spoke about an half and hour with this lady, (she was indeed very helpfull and answered all my questions) and decided that i was going to take the deal. All my details was taken, and even the manager came on the line to confirm my details. She said delivery should take about 5 working days. Well, so no rooter was delivered after two months, and i decided to give the call center a call again - Lo and behold, my order was never processed on the system - So i decided to reapply, again about an half an hour on the phone to get all my details, That was done on the 24/04/2017. So after a couple of days i have not heard from vodacom, so i phoned again, (082 7844) there i was told to phone the aftercare number (082 1945) and the lady told me that somebody will phone me on the wednesday (27/04/2017) to confirm delivery, on the 28/04/2017 i phoned them again, and was told that somebody will phone me to confirm delivery. Well, on Sunday i went into a vodacom shop, and decided on a different rooter, but the sales lady informed me that i first had to cancel the online order. The online center (082 1945) was closed on monday, so i phoned on tuesday (02/05/2017) to cancel. The lady informed me that it will take between 5 & 24hours to cancel the order. So i phoned this morning (04/05/2017) and the laday informed me that i could not cancel, as the unit has been invoiced, and was scheduled for delivery. Now i was told that when they deliver the unit, i should not sign for it and send it back, and that it will take about 3 days once it has been returned to the warehouse to cancel that order. So now i have to wait another week before i can apply for a better wifi rooter with more data. I have been very patient in this matter, but it is getting ridiculous now. I was looking forward to go to a vodacom shop to get my rooter, so now i must again wait for the online department to sort out this crap. I am very very unhappy about how this matter has been handled.

May 4, 2017

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