Vodacomunable to do a sim swap in a vodacom shop

I have been a Vodacom prepaid customer for as long as I can remember. My phone was stolen on Sunday and I went to the Eastgate Vodacom shop on Monday evening to do a sim swap. I was served by the most unhelpful woman I have met this century. My ticket number was S134 and she was at counter 3.

First she told me that she would probably not be able to do the sim swap as "the system was probably down" as she had been trying to do a sim swap for another customer since around 3pm. (This was between 16.30 and 16.45).

She asked me for proof of res and ID which I produced and she did not as much as look at it. Then she asked for my frequent dialled numbers, of which I gave her 5. Then she told me she needed 6. Told her I could not give her at which she proceeded to ask me for R1.00 for a sim card, told me to call 136 and she was done.

I walked out of the shop and called 136 from the phone in which I had just inserted the sim card and got a message saying I should call 082111 for a sim swap. Dialled that number and got the same message saying for a sim swap I must dial 082111.

I went back into the shop, was asked to queue again and this time got ticket S136 at 16.46. As I walked to counter 13 to be assisted, I was accosted by the young lady who asked what the issue was and when I explained to her what was going on, she took y phone and dialled 082111 and gave it back to me and said "listen to the options". Needless to say I walked out very angry.

This morning (Tuesday) I got to work and dialled 082111 from my work phone, was answered by a helpful lady, who asked me a few questions and told me to take the sim card out of the phone and insert it after 3 hours when the sim swap would be ready. That simple and easy.

I will not be visiting that Eastgate shop in the future

May 29, 2018

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