Vodacomtelephonic sales service

I've already sumbitted a complaint regarding this... This is merely an update on the situation.

I finally received the nano sim for my new device and did the sim swop, so my new device is now finally working, after 1.5 weeks of being on the phone everyday, multiple times with vodacom...
But! Now my data isn't working and now I have to pay extra just to see who of my own saved contacts are calling me (Otherwise everything comes through as "unknown") , and to top it all off i've been charged the "activation fee" twice within 2 days, first for the new number that I never wanted (Because when I did the application I specifically requested, more than once, to keep my old number) and then again for my old number after the contract was migrated onto it...

So as you can imagine i'm thoroughly fed up with vodacom, in particular their telephonic sales services.
This is possibly the most infuriating last two weeks that I have had. I have had to spend so much of my time trying to sort this out, and when one is working full time you don't have the luxury of having all the time in the world to be on the phone to fix mistakes other people have made.

I really expected better from vodacom.

Jan 25, 2017

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