Vodacom / staff don't know what they are doing

Chatsworth, ZA

My phone had a problem with whatsapp and Facebook. Went into the chatsworth centre store. staff says it was a software error without even properly listening to me or testing it. Few more days passed i put on a different vodacom sim card and it worked perfectly fine. Went back into the store to explain that its an error with my sim card and they still tried to say its a software error even when i offered to prove to them that its not the software. I requested a sim swop they where so rude and said that it won't solve my problem. I requested for a nano sim so that i can use a micro sim adaptor on my phone but they refused and insisted to do the sim swop on a regular micro sim upon numerous requests for a nano sim. Im so sick and tired of vodacom im thinking about migrating it to a different service provider. Staff that was so unhelpful was Nalini. From the chatsworth centre branch

Mar 25, 2017

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