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Pretoria Sunnyside, South Africa
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Horrible Service.
I was applaud by the service I received yesterday and today. While I was porting to Vodacom. Now I'm nervous about my move to Vodacom if service will be like this.The customer representative in this branch did the following.
1. Served other clients while he was put my case aside each time the he was attending to other clients. So I waited each time.
2. Took personals call in front of me the client.
3. Did not know the procedure to porting from one service provider to another.
4. When I stated I wanted to complain his response was "good luck"
The next day when I arrived to pick up the SIM card that I had left because the porting process did not go through the first day which I suspect was caused by the incompetent employee. The following took place:
1. Yelled at by another customer rep
2. My brother threatened by the customer rep from the previous day
3. Laughed at and told good luck by the same customer rep again.
4 . Customer rep refused to test the SIM card.

He was unprofessional to me as a returning Vodacom customer.
Thank you

Jul 28, 2016

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