Vodacom Northgate Branch / unethical behaviour and poor customer service

North Riding Johannesburg, ZA
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I visited the Vodacom Store on Tue 7 March in Northgate Shopping Centre (the BIG Vodacom store - not the small Vodacom Chatz Store) and requested a SIM swop. I was first seen by Elton Dube and then I was sent to Lydia Makawe who is the IT Technician who had to actually complete the SIM swop. I was told my SIM would be activated immediately in store as it was not a lost or stolen SIM but merely as swop to a larger sized SIM card for a different phone. When I got home, I was unable to use my new SIM card. in the new phone. I called the store and complained, and was advised that I should wait a maximum of 24 hours for activation. I tested the phone this morning Wed 08 March and it was still not working - the SIM was still not qactive on any network. I then called Vodacom customer care and they advised me that the SIM swop had been done on the incorrect number - it was done on the data card number that was linked to my main cellphone number and NOT my correct cellphone number that I had given to the Northgate Branch when filling out the paperwork. I then got my assistant, Denise, to call the store to request assistance and as I sat and listened to the conversations, I was appalled at the rude and arrogant behaviour of the Store Manager, Werner. Werner refused to accept responsibility for the error on behalf of the store, he did not give any solutions to fix the problem and whne denise complained and said that the staff are incompetent - he accused her of being a racist? This is completely unacceptable from a professional point of view and as Werner was representing the Vodacom brand at the time - I find that calling someone a racist is defamation of character and unconstitutional.

Mar 08, 2017

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