Vodacommobile contract - port

I requested my mobile number be ported when taking out a new contract with Vodacom Late November 2016. The handset and sim card was delivered, and following the instructions conveyed when taking out the new contract was the port would take between 5 and 7 days. after going into the Greenstone branch to query how much longer it would take to activate the port, as Vodacom is an Information technology company. that afternoon the number was active, but it was not the number that was need to be ported. Calling the call centre on the Monday, I was told there was a mistake and that a new sim card would be sent and the number ported to the new card. this happened and the assumption made that all was good and fine. the first debit order went of my account and the amount was more than the contract value, and one make the assumptions that this was all of the additional charges. The following month the account was billed again, and that was when I picked up that I was double billed. Calling Vodacom and speaking to a consultant, I was told there was a fraud on the account, they consultant cancelled the debit order to prevent the double billing happening on my account. Come March and the Feb debit order did not get paid, then Vodacom started sending sms and making automated calls advising that my account was in arrears. the whole time the account is still being double billed. To resolve the issue, I drove to Vodaworld (Vodacom HQ) to get the problem dealt with, and spending a good part of my day there, to be told that it would take 14 days to resolve the issue. Now Vodacom are treating the customer like a delinquent debtor and blocking my account, when they have not done what they said they would do.

when you send the people you dealt with emails for an update on the queries, nothing, no one even responds. So you have to start the thread from scratch. never mind all the expenses of calls, fuel and time to get nowhere again.

How easy can we make dealing with your queries is not a motto that is seminomas with the people at Vodacom.

Who does one need to stick a fire under someone's *%^$# to get anybody to fix the problem on Vodacom side.

May 02, 2017

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