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To whom it may concern

Hi. I need somebody at Vodacom to help me. I am so frustrated with Vodacom. I have applied not once but twice for a simple R700 contract for the iphone 732 GB silver. Last week I spoke to a agent who told me I was approved and everything and the next day I would be getting a tracking number for my IPHONE 7. I was then contacted the next day only to be told I was declined. The thing I dont get is that how can I be informed one day that everything is perfect and I'll be getting my delivery the next day or the following week and then you call and say I am declined.
Anyway I contacted you guys again and spoke to another useless lady who couldn't help me either.She also said I was approved and then said I was declined after 4 days back and forth calls from her to me and having me send my bank statements, ID and payslip 2 times over and over for the credit team to upload the documents. So my thing is why do you false notify me all the time? I want the iphone 7 and I have over enough money in my account to pay for it. I even have a separate savings account with over enough money that I haven't touched in over a year. I clearly have money to pay for this lousy R700 contract. Its like you guys dont want my money at all because I dont have any other accounts on my name. I dont get how Im supposed to get an account if you cant even allow me to get one with you. I have money but you dont want it.
I understand that I need accounts to have a good credit score for this, but my frustration is why did the first agent NOMFUNDO advise me on thursday(26/01/2017) last week that I was approved and my order is placed for next day delivery for friday or likely the following week .On thursday the 26th when we spoke she told me she has to place the order before 12pm so that it can go out for delivery the next day but it could possibly arrive the following week. She said she would call me to give me a tracking number. She did call but only to tell me that I was declined, and said I needed to send my documents to ********** This frustrates me. I dont get how I can could be misinformed like this. Either she was to desperate to grab the sale knowing that there is a high chance that I could still be declined or she just doesn't know your internal processes well enough to know that I would have been declined in any case. As I have advised her before we started the process of the contract that I dont have any accounts and what are my chances of actually getting this contract. She advised me not to worry and she will put everything through for me. This is poor service from Vodacoms part and I am extremely disappointed in this. I feel that something needs to be done about this. I really want this contract and your staff are incompetent and misadvising me.

I have been with Vodacom all my life, and dont want to go to another network ever, but this has been horrendous from you guys. A simple R700 contract you dont want to approve, it doesn't make sense to me. I just want to note for the record. I walked into a cellc store on the 28th and they approved me right then and there for the iphone 7 32GB. It was so simple and I know you dont care, as I am just one customer out of thousands that have contracts with you. I just want to know why is it so hard to get a simple R700 contract with you guys? I have a clear credit record, clear criminal record and everything. I have no responsibilities at all. I have no kids. I stay with my parents and I work and earn my own salary, over enough to pay for this contract. I dont get why you cant just give it to me. Like I said I can even send you banks statements of my savings account so you can see I have over enough money saved up in there to give you peace of mind that I am able to pay this contract. I dont understand what the big issue is.
I just want this to be given to me. I want you to go listen to NOMFUNDOS call with me and you will hear what she said to me. Giving me false information. I am highly disappointed in this service. "

Feb 01, 2017

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