Vodacom / I think vodacom is the worst company

United States

I have a new IPAD 2, migrated my account, got a Micro simcard asked to twin sim this with my 3G account i currently have, (i have 3 accounts with Vodacom) got the sim it has been 8 days and still no service on this device. did a simswap 3 times also still no service, bought a prepaid micro simcard WOW it works within one hour….EVERY SINGLE TIME I phone in to find out what is going on, i am told wait 24hours….it HAS BEEN 8 DAYS..

I’m getting so frustrated with Vodacom incompetence to sort out a problem like this they love to advertise how great they are….not the case….i have received sms’s stating it has been sorted out but please even a Vodacom Shop in vanderbijlpark ‘ Natasha’ have logged the complaints numerous times with no success, the problem lies with vodacom themselfs….this is the worst service i have ever received i had better service from my local municipality on a friday afternoon…

Tired of waiting 4 hours the 24 hours then 6 hours for nothing still NO service on my Ipad and still no service from Vodacom…terrible and unacceptable…. Credited with R2011000 on my Vodacom account. Hi, I like to bring to your notice, last week I noticed that I had a balance of R2011000 on my prepaid account and being a honest person, I contacted Vodacom and was told they will look into it. Truthfully I could have made calls to all my friends and family but that’s not me. I was given just a R10.00 airtime for honesty.

This shows you how Vodacom treats honest people and also shows how much courtesy they have as I never got a call to thank me about it. I’m unemployed and would have loved that R2011000 in my bank account instead (lol). I am seriously considering changing networks now as the R10.00 credited to my account did nothing for me and I feel I should have been rewarded with much more as it was the stupidity of 1 of Vodacoms employees that I was honest enough to phone and complain about.


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