Vodacomhomemark gift voucher

We received two gift cards and followed the activation process. Just to my humiliation my Husband went to a Homemark store in Eastrand Mall on the 29th of November 2018 to make use of the cards when they advised me that my cards are not activated, this after activating the cards about two day ago. Disappointing, the store the manager said that they get plenty of customers with the same problem, which is true, and that Afrizon is responsible for these issues! They even said the price that i see its not the price i'm going to pay with that voucher, but that its not even on the terms and conditions. I'm still calling them every 30 minutes even today but to no avail, Being a customer of Vodacom for so many years, I'm going to cancel Vodacom and port to another Service Provider due to this poor service where I the customer who had to humiliate myself with un-activated gift cards in a public store., and be busy spending my petrol to go to that store and be send back and forth.

Dec 04, 2018

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