I found that there was a other number registered on my name that I have to pay each month about a year and half ago. I did stop the payment of that contract immediate but kept on paying my old account, then suddenly VODACOM Cut my old line for not paying the fraught one. Now each month I must phone them to activate my line again. Then they said I must send a copy of my ID an a Avid avid to them for the fraught department of VODACOM to investigate . And they are sorry for cutting this line it won't happen again. But each month it is the same all over. I'have send my documents to them now 5 times and each time they cut my line they say they Haven't received my documents, but each time I send it I got a sms that said we received your documents with a ref number. THis is poor service, better VODACOM cancel my contract that I have with them for now all most 12 years and I move to a service provider were you at least getting service.

Jan 22, 2015

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