Vodacomfraudulent activity and messed up systems

Yesterday my new phone suddenly said there was no signal. I tried restarting me phone, did a system update and even tried a different sim card registered under my name. Nothing worked!!! I proceeded to vodacom in greenstone to find out if the problem was with my phone they tested ot and said it was both my new sim cards! I asked if I can do a sim swop to my previous number that was on contract but was stolen 8 may 2018. I was then told that they can't do that since that number was prepaid+ its a contract phone) and that the number was deleted last year august!!! Yet I used it until may this year and received airtime, sms and minutes on the contract. There was also fraudulent activity on my account where another number was switched to prepaid (yet they still deducted the money from my account)

May 31, 2018

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