Vodacomdata / accounts department

For moths now we have had a query with vodacom about a data charge dispute. every time we get given the assurance that they are investigating and that someone will be in contact. this never happens. we now want to close our account with vodacom, but we cannot do this as the query is outstanding. they are literally holding us prisoner with this type of customer service. we have spend days in total hours trying to find out what is happening. it is the worst process of customer service we have ever experienced. no one is willing to take responsibility for a problem that is logged. the system is always to blame and bad customer service is blamed on another department, that you cannot speak to. under no circumstances can you speak to anyone looking into your case, if there ever is such a person.

Vodacom will never see us a client again, if we get this resolved. total incompetency with egards to customer service. the complaint is simple, please just respond to your customers requests, if you say that you will contact them, at the very least, just do that. this basic task / responsibility, in our case, seems to be impossible for vodacom.

Very disappointed.

Feb 23, 2016

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