Vodacom Centurion Mallpoor service and incompetent staff

On 15/01/2017 I went into your branch in Centurion Mall to transfer a contract from myself to my daughter. I was told we cannot transfer the contract to my daughter as she does not have credit references. She has been employed for under a year and does not have credit references. I was told by the consultant Greg (who refused to give me his surname as it is confidential) that I should try MTN or CELL C as Vodacom is very strict with contracts for people without credit references. I then asked if I could stand as a guarantor for her as she does need to build up a credit profile and was told I could not. I pointed out on the forms that there is a place for a guarantor's details and was told that the system does not allow for this. Why a difference between the system and your forms I do not know.
My biggest irritation was that every question I asked Greg had to go and ask his manager so I eventually asked to speak to the Manager and was told he was busy with stock. In my mind I would think Vodacom should not worry about stock if they treat their customers in this way as they will not be needing stock because they will be left without clients. I told Greg tell your manager that a Customer takes preference to stock but that fell on deaf years.
I was told that I should take the contract on my name and in three months I can transfer to my daughter but she must go and open an account somewhere else first and build up a credit report. I then said I did not know you cancel after three months and asked for this to be shown to me on the Terms and Conditions. I was then told that this does not appear on the T&C. I told the consultant so if I come back where would I refer to if I needed to cancel. It would be his word against mine. He said to me it does not appear there but he is telling me that I can cancel after three months.

I asked for the Manager's details as I would like to complain and the consultant (Greg ) said to me that his surname is confidential so he refused to give it to me. I then said to Greg what is your surname and he said that is also confidential.
My irritation sums up as follows:
1. My daughter could not get a contract on her name because she does not have credit references even if I stood guarantor for her.
2. I was told that I can go to CELL C or MTN as they do contracts without credit references. Your consultants are not selling your company instead they are promoting your competitors. Imagine if a whole of your clients are given this option and actually take it, this will reduce your presence and market share.
3. I was told I can cancel after three months but this does not appear on the contract.
4. The manager of the store (Ewert) refused to speak to me as he was busy with stock and I waited a long time for him.
5. The consultant Greg was not very competent as he needed to go to his manager on a few occasions to answer my questions
5. Greg and two other consultants could not tell me when your site which according to them is under construction will be available to add the fields for a Guarantor.
6. Their attitudes were one of arrogance and unwilling to assist. Most of my questions got the answers of "I do not know"

I always knew Vodacom as one of the companies that focused on their customer experience being a good one and took pride in providing good service. I must say that has since changed and the service is appalling.

I would like for this matter to be addressed and if my mail is ignored I will believe that this is the new culture of the once very Customer Orientated Vodacom.

My cellphone number is : [protected].
The contract that I wanted to transfer to my daughter is on [protected].

Looking forward to your response.


Veronica Sirkisson

Jan 16, 2017

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