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In 2007 I ported out one of my vodacom numbers, [protected], to cell c. When I contacted vodacom on the cancellation, they told me that I still had to pay for 3 months, which I did, and that the contract then will be cancelled. They required me to send through a letter cancelling the contract, which I did. After three months the number did not appear on my statement, and I was satisfied that the contract was cancelled.
At that stage I moved house, and I did not receive my account statements. However, there is an automatic debit order on my bank, and it went off every month.
I had no reason to distrust vodacom, so every month the account just went off my account.
In jan the number [protected] appeared on my account. On query, vodacom told me they did not know where this number come from, but that they will remove it. Again, I took them on their word.
On 23 june I checked my e-mail statement from vodacom, and there the number appeared again.
On my query to vodacom, the lady said that this number was generated after I ported my number to cell c. I must phone the cancellation dept, which I did. That was when I talked to thokozane, who refused to give me a query reference number or a reference for the call.
According to thokozane, vodacom generated the number already after my previous number was ported, and that they are still billing me with the full rental amount every month, as somebody did not cancel my contract on their side.
He wanted me to fax through my cancellation letter again, but I told him that this was impossible for me to do, as it is already almost 30 months after the event. He then became rude, and told me that somebody will phone me within 24 hours. Well, that sounded familiar, as that is what they said every time.
I have been billed for a service that was blocked from vodacom, and for something I did not ask. And it is a substantial amount: r166 for 30 months. Work it out yourself!
I have spoken to a lawyer, and he said that the fact that the number, [protected] did not appear on my account constituted proof that my contract for that number was terminated. I did not request vodacom to give me a substitute number, and that was generated without my permission or authorization. If you claim it was with my permission, please furnish me with the signed contract.

Please contact me on [protected]


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      Jun 07, 2013

    Have you ever wondered “are there any actual human beings working for Vodacom or is the entire company run by computerized robots?”

    A robot knows that when a connection is made by phone that charges of minimum or R1;75 are incurred- nothing wrong except – well- when 4893 connections are made and the vast majority of the connections having a duration of less than 7 seconds – yes seven seconds – many with a 3 second duration! To be accurate -2863 connections of less than 7 seconds!!

    These printed records are spread over 65 pages with +- 90 lines per page

    I also supposedly used 4 different phones (“you should not have been given that information” – direct Quote from Vodacom!)

    Surely it’s then a human being would realize “there is something not right with this account” – “let’s not take R8500 and then try for another R6500 rather investigate”

    Surely Vodacom must have a programme that allows even a robot would be able to recognise an irregular patter of billings/pending like – R350 – R428 – R 377 – R85000 – maybe the robots are not that smart after all !!!

    But regrettably not even the human being I spoke to in their legal department would admit there is something wrong!

    What do you do?
    Close your account to stop them from constant attempts at raiding!(at last count 5 attempts to “recover “a further R5600)

    NEVER EVER sign a direct debit order with them – refuse!
    Pre-Paid Cell “C:” here I come!!!

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