Vodacom / activation of lte on my sim card

I am trying for more than three weeks now to get LTE activated on my sim card after i did a sim swap at the Vodacom shop in Woodmead.

I bought a new Iphone 6 and had to get a "nano" sim for it. My previous phone had a normal "micro" sim.

The sim swap was done successfully ... except for only getting a 3G signal. I tested the phone with my wifes sim card (4G) and the phone worked perfectly with her sim. I also had the phone checked out at the Apple Istore and 4G is working perfectly on the device.

I then started the "rocket science" experience of trying to get Vodacom Customer Care to activate 4G on my sim card. It is now 3 weeks later and absolutely no joy ... 4G is still not activated !!!

I called them 9 times and also contacted the Vodashop on numerous occasions. No 4G yet !!!

Is this really such "rocket science" or a simple "tick" that a 3 year old can do ???????????????????????????????

What else on earth do i have to do to get LTE activated ???
That was working perfectly until the sim swap 3 weeks ago.

I C Kok

Mar 31, 2016

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