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Virgin Media / national scam

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I am absolutley disgusted in the way i have been spoke to and the way i have been treated, After being a loyal customer for 3 years it is an absolute disgrace, also the infomation that one of your advisors has given has caused utter disbelief in such a big company . I was advised that you cancelled tens of thousands of customers direct debits in order to make more money by charging them administration fees for paper bills. It is totally disgusting, Over the past two weeks i have spent hours on end talking to people who dont seem to understand or speak a word of english yet they can call me a liar.

Like i said i have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, For the first two years i was just using your broadband middle for £18 last september i was contacted by a member of your sales staff who informed me for a 12 month period of a special offer of £2 only i would recieve a phone line with talk unlimited to any landline 01 - or 02 number, Yes thats correct so i would only pay £20 in total for the two services. I agreed- A month later i recieve two bills one for the internet and one for the phone, Yet the phone wasnt £2 it was £11 and they had decided to charge me £7 for the talk unlimited, I phoned and they said they would sort it out, Instead i never heard anything, a month passed, another month passed, then i recieved a threatening letter, It claimed i owed in the region of £100, This was very distessing to me as i had always paid my bill by direct debit and had never missed a payment. Anyway after another couple of hours on the phone we realised that VIRGIN MEDIA had combined both bills and unknown to me they had cancelled my direct debit. I wasnt once informed of these changes. I was also informed that the charges included £10 administration charges because i wasnt paying by direct debit, This really annoyed me as my original contract was direct debit and it was you VIRGIN MEDIA that had cancelled it so how could charge me administration fees, Then i get told £30 is 3 late payment charges, Again this is totaly disgusting as i had never missed a payment, i pressumed the money was coming out by direct debit-one that VIRGIN MEDIA cancelled. So after another hour on the phone i reluctenly pay it on my card and we agree to reset up the direct debit...everythings sorted
3 months pass guess what i recieve another threatening letter, this time sayin g the same thing i havent paid, administration charges, and late payment charges. This now cases me great stress i am absolutly raging another couple of hours on the phone talking to people who dont listen and dont understand, after 2 hours they realise they tried taking the money out of somebody elses account so they once again cancelled the direct debits. This is a joke an absolut joke, they appologise (ha ha ha ) And again i make a payment on my card, this time i say i dont want direct debit, just send me an invoice, they agree...

3 months later...i dont believe this another threatening letter, Is this some kind of sick joke are you really this ignorant, very annoyed i ring virgin straight away, I am put on the phone to an asian speaking man claiming his name is cyril daz, I ask him to spell his name he repeats CYRIL DAZ after about an hour of yet another aggonizing conversation of trying to explain to yet another VIRGIN MEDIA CA He calls me a liar, I say i beg your pardon he explains i am a liar as i am claiming i havent recieved a bill and he can clearley see i have been sent three bills, As he has called me a liar this totaly rages me, this is disgusting how dare he call me a liar, after another 20 minutes of me and him arguing he realises something on his screen that infact i was correct as no bills had been sent because Ebilling had been set up and they had sent the bills to an unused email address, it turns out that when i was last on the phone 3 months prior the woman had set up EBILLING, i vagely remember her explaining it to me but she convinced me my card would be charged automatically- after she took my registered email address and password without my knowlegde or permission she had set up EBILLING cyrill daz was now appologising for calling me a liar he said he was under great stress and he hated the way virgin treated people and that i was being scammed, This is the best bit.

He actually told me that virgin media had cancelled tens of thousands of virgimedias customers direct debits in order for them to be able to charge administration fees.

This is the icing on the cake i am totaly disgusted, i feel sick, you mean to say i am part of a national scam against VIRGIN MEDIAS customers, This is just too much, I phone up to sort out your mess and your troubles and stresses you have caused me and i get this infomation. I demand to speak to his supervisor he then strats appologising and saying no please, I speak to his supervisor who is not interested one bit in a word his colleage had said he couldnt understand what he had done and said that was so wrong, It was like he just couldnt understand how those comments would make me so angry he was more intersted in me making a payment, I demand to speak to a manager, A woman comes to the phone who again is not interested, she appologises for her staffs behaviour but insists i make a payment or i will be swithed off. Over the next few days i am contacted by virgin media staff hounding me, i have spent hours on the phone explaining the same thing over and over and it seems like there is one big communication fault inside VIRGIN MEDIA . I am disgusted.

Anyway after the phone call i decide to visit online forums to ask if anybody had been treated the same, to my amazement it seemed CYRIL daz was correct round about march virgin media had canncelled thousands of peoples direct debits and are now charging them money for administration fees, I couldnt believe it, How disgusted our we now,

I have contacted Ofcom, Trading standars and i have spoken to media and currently awaiting to make an interview with the national press this week, I have been contacted by THE SUN-THE MIRROR-THE STAR all who are more than interested for this story. i hav had to go this far as not once where you interested, i am now awaiting to see how long you take to sort this mess out.
also i would be very grateful to know what you intend to do about...

Charging me administration fees after you cancelled my direct debit.

charging me late payment fees after you cnever sent me any infomation regarding tpayments.

How i ring to complain and i am accused of being a liar.

How you can charge me administration fees for bills you never sent to my house but sent by em, ail.

i await your call

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  • Qu
      12th of Oct, 2008

    Avoid Virgin, BT, Talk Talk and Tiscali, Pipex & Bulldog at all costs.

    Some of these companies used to be okay, in fact a couple of them at one time or another I would have classed as good - but now for various reasons they all suck.

    Why..? well I need say no more about Virgin... although by visiting this site some of your additional questions my be answered:

    Infact I'd be a little wary of Sky too for the same reasons.

    With regard to the others - well... BT and Talk Talk should be avoided for this reason:

    Tiscali are quite simply C R A P, and unfortunately Bulldog are now part of Pipex who also own the terrible Tiscali - and what goes for one will generally go for the other... so those 3 are all out too.

    So who does that leave...?

    LOL! not that many.

    From my most recent research I would suggest looking into 2 companies:

    BE INTERNET should be considered, and also ZEN INTERNET. Both are a little more expensive, but at the end of the day you do get what you pay for... your connection will not be throttled in the same way as most of the current ISPs (for bit torrent traffic etc), and from what I can tell you should come away with your privacy intact because AFAIK your connection will not be monitored by deep packet sniffing privacy invaders at the telephone exchange for advertising purposes. Also those ISPs offer truly unlimited access and don't hold you to a bogus "Fair Usage Policy".

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  • Ta
      3rd of Sep, 2009

    I can understand why your so frustrated and angry with regards to your problems with virgin... however as an employee myself I can see that in your case this agent Cyril Daz has made up utter rubbish and given you completely wrong information. yes payment handling charges of £5 were added for any customer not paying by direct debit, also bill merges were created, but it wasn't to gain money from customers, obvisouly they could earn money this way but they would be breaking the law, and theywould've had watchdog or ofcom or any one of the media regulators on their case straight away. I mean in your case from an employees perspective i really do agree your cust experience has been god awful which is one of the reasons why I should hate the job... some many problems are because of human error... and lack of knowledge about the compaines procedures and policies and part of our job would be keeping upto date which changes... they should've firstly taken a payment for the full bill then refunded the charges applied as you would have had a good payment history as a d.d paying cust, then obvisould they should've set up your d.d details properly it really not hard considering all thats needed is sort code account number... when the 'collections' team were calling you if you metioned the balaance was in dispute then they should've checked back account and logged a comapint to escalate further...

    one thing i would need to point out though is if at the time the girl explained ebill and you agreed and gavew her those email details then the sending of the bills thereafter is your responsiblity to check them and update us if you change them... but from your story it would be your luck that this probably has n't been the case... really sorry to hear about the problems you have... honestly because there are people working away everyday trying to resolve issues which have been caused by members of staff who basically don't give a [censored] and the rest of us are left to deal with the flak and digusting abuse and comments from people who they've dealt with... and becasue of this we or well I understand why you would be so mad and coming out with such ridiculous threats etc becasue i know if had happend to me then i would be doing the exact same thing... btw although there is a communication issue i have found that the uk based foreign agents are by far the best in terms of attitude, getting issues resolved and doing whbats needed than some of my english scottish welsh colleagues. by far however the centre in india is the worst for doing everything oposite from what virginmedia considers it s customer care teams to be... usual adjectives helpful etc but mainly human open and accountable.

    i apologised with regards to your personal cust experience these issues you faced were resolvable, i loved the company virgin, and what it should stand for... unfortunately this isn't always the case as as usual there as far as my personel knowledge of staff etc and calls still are minority of people who cause the problems or in most cases escalate issues with their lack of care, sympathy and understanding... which is unaccpetable for the job they are or were holding... outwith that some times things go wrong or a discrepency can crop up as alot of automated systems but whe this happens they are and can be and should resolved asap whether it is billing install service affecting disconnecting moving home issues...
    again hopefully no-one else will go through your problems.

    for others: head office cable

    Virginmedia Ltd
    Matrix Court
    PO Box 333
    SA7 9BB

    Vriginmedia national complaints

    Virgin Media National
    PO BOX 219
    NP10 8UG

    Making a complaint or giving feedback
    We aim to resolve all written complaints within 28 days and to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours. For information about our Complaints procedure and how to take further then please refer to our Code Of Practice.
    code of practice availalbe on the website.
    hope that can help anyone els with problems...

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