Virgin Mediabad services

Unfortunately I have been left feeling both very unhappy and dissatisfied by my experiences with you. The series of events is as follows
(1) I booked the day off for the install on Friday 24th June.
(2) On day of install the engineer and informed me that he could not carry out the install as there was a faulty cable. I was told that the drive would be dug up to lay a new cable. You cut next doors phone cable whilst checking our line.
(3) I had to re-book the install and for the drive to be dug up. There was very bad communications from the construction team to dig up the drive and also from the install team. We were told that the drive would be prepared on the Saturday before the install, this was not done.
(4) On the day of the install, the install team arrived before the drive had been dug up so therefore the cables were pinned to the drive.
(5) The cables in the house were run around the door frames using nail clips which looked awful and also around the skirting boards which looked equally as bad. No care was taken at all.
(6) Upstairs install, I pre-installed the cable and made it clear where I wanted the box. The box was put where it was easiest for the installer on a very small candle shelf. We had specified that we wanted it in the wardrobe. I noticed interference on the TV and this was apparently caused by a faulty scart lead. To get over this problem the installer used my HDMI cable from my PS3 which he said he would replace, this never happened.
(7) My PS3 and PC would not connect to the broadband.
(8) 20 + nails were left on our drive and bits of wire were also found throughout the house. We have got pets and this could have harmed them.
After numerous phone calls over the period of a month to get the problem rectified I was told a team would come out.
On 30/07/2011 Muktaar ( Team manager ) arrived and he looked around. He then informed me that he was unable to sort the problems out that day. I was left feeling very disappointed as I was told all problems would be solved that day.
Another date was given for 06/08/2011, I Grant ( Muktaars manager ) called to confirm this appointment on 02/08 and he said he would get back to me.
On Saturday 6th August Steve ( a specialised engineer from Devon ) arrived with just the HDMI cable and was not told about the re-install and the other issues. This was despite the fact that I had been assured by Grant the previous day that all problems would be finally resolved on 6th August.
On 13th August Steve came again and rectified the issues. After he left the phone line wasn’t working, there was a constant engaged tone. Also the box upstairs packed up. My wife called Grant on 15/08, he was on holiday and asked me to call again on 16/08.I called the next day and he said he’d get back to me which he didn’t. I got home from work late on 16/08 as I was trying to make up for my loss of overtime over the previous Saturdays. One I got in there was a calling card from Jason, an installer who had been to the house. I wasn’t even made aware that Jason would be calling hence the fact I missed him. I called Jason back on 17/08 and left a message and the problem was then resolved by Jason.
Overall I’ve had two days off work and 3 days loss of overtime on Saturdays. I had no phone line for a month causing heavy usage non our mobiles. Our hall now needs redecorating due to the cable clips. I am getting 15MB and paying for 30MB.
For a multimedia company your communication skills are appalling and likewise your customer service. I am very upset and dissatisfied with the whole experience .I am looking for compensation or I will take the matter further.
I have documented each phone call and conversation and I am willing to go public if the outcome is not satisfactory i.e. Watchdog etc.
I look forward to your prompt response to my letter

Further to my above letter I was contacted by Virgin around 12th October and all they offered us was £20.00 for all our inconvenience.We find this totally unacceptable and a joke really.
On 5th November Virgin turned up to dig up our drive which connects to our next door neighbours drive without our permission.A slot was cut in our drive to lay next doors cable, I only found out about this because my car was on it at the time.
I now wish to escalate our complaint and we will take it further.I look forward to your prompt reply

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