Virgin Active (Waterstone Village Somerset West)multiple debit orders

I joined the Virgin Active at Waterstone Village on 29th June 2009. I paid R100 joining fee in cash.
During that time the gym was still in it's building progress and was supposed to be finished for use on the 8th of July. Thus I was ensure that there would be a partial payment of my monthly R379 debited of my account. Even though I joined for July only and was only going to be able to start making use of the facilities on 8th July, the debit of the full amount of R379 went off my account on 30th June. Additionally another R285.45 was taken from my account. In this case as there was not enough money available in the account the debit order bounced back which caused my bank account to be debited with R105 unpaid item fee by FNB. I immediately cancelled my membership within the 5 day cancellation period. It was promised that I will receive all my money back including the R105 which was charge by the bank for unpaid item fee. The membership was cancelled on 6th July. Today is the 13th of July and I still haven't got my money back. Now my account is overdraft and I had to pay another R40 to FNB for that.
The manager Mal (malcolm.[protected] made empty promises that I would have my money back in the next couple of days.
This eveing I will go to the club and demand my money back in cash. I will post the follow up.


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