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Im very disappointed with the service I got yesterday from virgin active voda world, the lady didn't want me to get in to a class that I am always attending she said it was full even though I can see there are spaces and also some people were getting out of the class clearly there were more spaces and I forced myself in. I reported the treatment that I got from the lady and her bad attitude to the manager leon he promised me to resolve the issue. Today the manager called saying I forced myself in blah blah actually he was talking to me like I am not a customer and I ended up saying to him how about I cancel this contract and he insisted you are welcome with an attitude for god sake I am paying r550.00 a month not even once have I ever missed my payments, virgin active acted like they are doing me a favor I am using their facilities for free. I would love to cancel my contract and I am not expecting anyone to tell me about a penalty fee and I dont want them to debit my account this month I am not happy at all i'm a customer at the end of the day and I am not gyming for free. So virgin active must terminate my contract

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    i have spoken to the manager and my matter was resolved.

Jan 25, 2017

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