Virgin Active South Africaunauthorized debit orders and unethical behaviour

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Good day Thato,

Thank you for the great service that I received telephonically by your staff. Would you please be of assistance on the matter below.

When I joined Contacted Virgin Active Early in 2017 (a Year and a half ago), to cancel my memebership as (I was not using it), the person who I spoke to confirmed that my membership will expire soon and asked whether I wanted a month to month contract instead. I am not sure who it was nor the exact date. To which I said that I am not interested as I do not use the Gym at all. Today I realized that as far back as I can see on my bank statements - the Membership is being debited every month - Without my knowing?

My request is twofold:
1. Please cancel my membership with immediate effect and STOP ALL debit orders from my account. I can provide my account details should you require it.
2. Due to the fact that I have been misled in my communication when requesting cancellation, (and now I'm told that it automatically renews itself unless I come in to sign paperwork) I request that I be reimbursed in good faith for this period, or at least part thereof. I have Not been aware of the debits going off and was under the impression it is cancelled. I am sure that this could be refunded in good faith, as you can surely see on your side that I have not used any of Virgin's facilities nor do I even have an access card anymore to do so anymore.

Your understanding and assistance on the matter will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

To which I received this reply from the manager on: Monday, 26 November 2018 4:16 PM
Steven it would be hard for us to refund you the mentioned monies as the proper cancelation rules were not followed by yourself and possibly the individual you dealt with, I have attached your signed contract, could you please look at Section F, it states what is needed on cancelation which in this case wasn't done

Then My response on 27 November 2018 08:06 AM:

Hi Thato,

Thank you for your reply with my cancellation request. However:
1. The cancellation letter says "this receipt merely confirms the receipt of your cancellation letter. Further confirmation as to when your cancellation will be actioned, will be communicated either via a phone call or via written communication". It seems like it is not cancelled, and once again Virgin Active is going to try and outsmart me with a fine detail to ensure I pay???
2. RE: The contract you sent me:
a. Section A: The address is incorrect and I have for the past 10 years not had a postal address or lived at "50 BOULDERS, PHILIP NEL PARK, PRETORIA WEST" - Therefore I would not have signed this form had I seen it in the first place
b. Section C: The details about the membership clearly states in BOLD: "Membership type: NEW MARKET CLUB 1 YEAR (12 MONTHS)" Why would it be hidden in the fine print that after a year I should cancell??
c. Section E: Monthly Installments for one year was R107.50. How do you think it is fair to bump up the rate from R107.95 to R504 per month in one year? That's a 370% increase??
d. Signatures: That is a digital signature and I can assure you that that was pasted straight onto your forms, my signature would not be on there if the data was correct which also shows I did not see this form, nor did I go through it with the Consultant upon joining. Look, here is the digitised signature simply copied from your form, as it was pasted in See, it's just too easy?
3. Your comment below stating that the cancellation rules were not followed by myself, is incorrect as surely you would understand, that I would not pay for something I did not use, and I not sign an ongoing contract but rather a 12 month contract. Nor was I aware of any cancellation rules, and if I knew the payments were going off, I would surely have enquired sooner. OR I WOULD HAVE AT LEAST MADE USE OF THE FACILITIES. Which I am sure you can clearly see that I haven't made any use of any of your facilities!
4. Your comment below stating that the cancellation rules were not followed by the consultant - That might be correct, but your phone operators cannot give me a single ref # to any phone call so that person is now conveniently gone??

In Conclusion:
• The contract Data is incorrect
• The Contract was not signed by me, although I was asked to sign on a pad numerous times
• The Facilities were not used also showing that I was under the impression it is not renewing itself after 12 Months
Please respond to my query below. How will this be refunded, and shall this be done without a battle/ in good faith, or will I have to take this further in order to get it refunded?

To which Thato responded was:
Please note that there wont be any refund made as stated on previous mail and terms and conditions of the membership contract you entered into with Virgin Active.

Nov 27, 2018

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