Virgin Active South Africa, Lonehillvery poor management

The management of Virgin Active Lonehill is a great disappointment to its members. The spinning class is a mess to start with. The microphone seldom works and when it does it is really not fit for the facility. We have fantastic spinning instructors (Marlaina, Wynand, Kim) but Virgin Active is letting them down by expecting them to deliver a great service in such a challenging environment. There has been no air-conditioning in the spinning class for the last two days - and zero notice has been given to members other then a sign at reception saying that there will be no hot water for two days due to low water pressure. Then 20 minutes into the class it takes 3 staff members to bring in one fan and finally a microphone - the music must stop, the heat is unbearable and the service super pathetic. I can not be more disappointed and sad that this is my local facility. I have lodged previous complaints with the gym before about dirty equipment, air conditioners that is not turned on for no reason at all, dirty bathrooms.. There is really a massive management problem, unmotivated staff, lack of communication all resulting in a lot of unhappy and disappointed members.

May 11, 2017

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