Virgin Active South Africaabsolutely pathetic services with equipment

Good day, I have been a virgin active member more than 11 years. I first joined the virgin active in Amzamintoti, then the one in Bluff and finally the one in Umhalanga. I recently relocated to JHB and changed membership to a new virgin active in Lenasia. My first time at Lenasia was purely for enrollment purposes. I was quite amazed at the size of the gym. However on my second time which was for training I was literally shocked at the equipment that was at the gym. The equipment looks like it was taken from the bluff gym about 10 years ago and while bluff gym has had maybe 2 or 3 upgrades of their equipment. I couldn't find weights, the machines that were available count even be used because they were euther missing the hooks for the machines. I was dumb struck just standing there looking at all the people train and thinking of the amount they pay and the ### services they are getting. Im currently thinking if I should ever go back there. the gym is in a critical mess with regards to equipment. Im sure there is a area manger thats inspects most virgin active in JHB and if he cant pick that up, then he is denfinalyl not doing his job. on the other side the gym has so much potential to be the best in JHB. Please assist Im sure im not the first customer to complain and certainly wont be the last.

May 18, 2017

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