Virgin Active / closed off the account, but still billed

United States

I had applied for a 12 month contract with Virgin active at Wanderpark Pretoria, at the end of the contract I went to cancel the contract. I was given a receipt as a proof of cancellation, it was on the [protected] the end of my contract. The next day I received a call from Duncan Van zyl he explained to me their options and one of them was that they can Freeze the account I don't have to pay, Once I am ready then they can just activate it again, I specifically explained to him that they can only activate the account if I say so, BUT NO on October they decided to debit, I went to the bank to reverse the amount as I thought it might have been their mistake, but they kept on debiting I went to them to find out why they kept on debiting, Duncan told me to write a letter to show that I cancelled with a proof of cancellation, I did so. But they still kept on debiting, when I went to them again Duncan said I owe them and I have to pay, whether or not I have to pay, Pay for what I asked, and also a lady who works there told me that many people complain and they walk out angry.


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