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Virgin Active / problems with club membership agreement

1 South Africa Review updated:

I entered an agreement of a gym membership at Virgin Active (Cape Town South Africa) for a period of 1 year. I have checked on the and found that there are many consumers who have this complaint.

After my year contract ended, funds were being deducted from my account on a continued monthly basis even though i was overseas and i was not accessing the gym for these months and even 2 months prior to leaving i was not accessing the gym. When opening the account, i was not informed that this membership would continue after the 1 year. I find this to be very misleading to consumers.

2/3 Months after returning, i received a call saying that i owe certain amount for the monthly deductions. Surely if a member hasn't been accessing the gym, there is a valid reason and why would any person let money be deducted from their account when all it takes is a call or a letter being sent to cancel the ongoing membership after this year.

Finally, to conclude. I recently opened a new membership with Virgin Active, assuming this previous issue which i had last heard from in October 2005 was resolved. Virgin Active NOW, opens a new membership for me and i pay my joining fee, then when i came to access the gym, my card was denied. Not only did they make me drive all the way out to gym, but this was an embarrassing experience too.

They now say that i need to pay this outstanding amount before i can access the gym again. Even though i don't mind paying this fee, i should NOT have to pay this.

In my view, they are very misleading in their approach and i am extremely unsatisfied with this service.

I thank you for viewing my complaint.

Best Regards,
Waterside Place
South Gate
Carl Cronje' Drive
Tyger Valley

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  • Ja
      24th of May, 2007
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    You need to read your contract more carefully in the future.

  • Ma
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    I have an account with Virgin Active...It was a two year contract.

    I opened this account in December 2007, firtsly they deducted more mony off my bank account than I agreed in this contract.

    I was offered a brilliant opportunity in Bahrain for work and needed to cancel this account, Virgin Active refused me to close this account, so i tried to transfere it to another person of which i had some one more than willing to take over the account and they refused!!!

    Virgin Active than phoned me and informed me that i had to pay 50% of the contract for the full two years to cancel it or i would face legal fees and they said i had a outstanding amount on my account.

    The outstanding amount was for one month of which they did not deduct the money from my account and 50% of they full two year contract is on years worth of which i do not get any service or gym access.

    The account is alredy passin one year so that 50% is paid already, as far as i am concerned.

    I am already in Bahrain and there is a Virgin Active here so I really do not see the point in them being so difficult about transfereing my account here!

    I am highly dissatisfied with Virgin Active, the staff is rude and do not understand the meaning of customer care!!!
    Virgin Active is very miss leading and do not offer any help or support in any manner!

    I would never suggest Virgin Active to any body and I will never again use Virgin Active as I find them unhelpful, rude, and a very unethical company.

    Mandy Lovell
    South Africa to Bahrain
    Never a customer of Virgin Active again!!!

  • Za
      23rd of Jul, 2014
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    I would like to place a complaint about Virgin Active(Durban-Workshop), the poor service that they are rendering, especially the Steam Room, they have been Repairing it from the beginning of this year, and every time I go there, its faulty, its so annoying because we pay full installments there but the service there is a disgrace. If this is not resolved I will have to take further steps and go via Hello Peter, because this is not fair. The untidiness there, its pathetic, too many people, training rooms smell, and for those of us that have sinuses, its really affecting our health, not too mention the machines, only few are working and the rest are broken, I am very disappointed with Virgin Active.

    Zama Ntshangase

  • Kh
      26th of Jun, 2017
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    I'm a member at the Brackenfell virgin active gym and since Brackenfell is small gym I was told I may get my smoothie at any other virgin active, I would like to place a complaint against Robyn Swart who is the receptionist at the Cape Gate virgin active. I was at the Cape gate virgin active on the 18/06/2017 to get my smoothie as usual. One of the reception ladies, Robyn Swart, was incredibly rude and made racial remarks aimed at me and gave me a hard time when I went to fetch my smoothie. While I was waiting on the attendant to finish my smoothie, I could see that she was still having anger issues and kept staring at me as if I had done something wrong. When I was on my way out she called me and asked for my name and cell number and I asked her why she wanted it? Her reply was that she wants to keep it on the computer. I asked her:" do you ask everyone who's getting a smoothie for their details?"
    She replied that there are few Black people who are coming and get smoothies at the gym. To me it appears that Robyn has racist issues with Black clients. I went to get my smoothie again yesterday on the 24/06/2017 and she wouldn't let me go and get it. I was visibly upset as that lady is so racist. I mentioned it to her and the other guy who was at the reception desk. According to my understanding if you work as receptionist you should be friendly and helpful to all clients - not choose between black and white clients. As a result, I’ve decided to go to another virgin active to get my smoothie – where I won’t be subjected to negative racial attitudes.
    Khaya Jara

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