Village Inn Restaurantshost

I was in your store today to have breakfast and was very surprised and annoyed by one of your hosts. Her name is Desiree and she has zero customer service. The entire hour that I was there she did nothing but walk around the restaurant with a singing Christmas decoration talking about how cute it was. She was showing other customers and would seem to get upset if they didnt agree that it was cute. She also would just walk back and forth between the register and the kitchen multiple times without taking care of any customers. When my mother accidentally dropped her fork on the floor she just walked past. I had to find someone else to get us a new one, even though she saw what happened. I thought her behavior was very rude and it seemed to me that she didnt care if she was doing her job or not. I have worked customer service in the past and this type of behavior would of never been accepted.

Dec 07, 2018

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