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My husband and I traveled aboard the Idi on a recent Viking River cruise/May 1, 2015. I have already submitted a formal complaint. Please see below. Our travel agent is working with us hoping to recover some of the thousands of dollars we lost on this so called "cruise." However, the more I think about it even if Viking had delivered a cruise on the Rhine with amenities, etc. it would have fallen short. We have been on two other cruises and both were to Alaska. Our first experience was with the Celebrity cruise line. Now this is what I would call a superior experience. Every single detail was taken into full consideration. For example, on Viking a guest must fill his/her own ice bucket! Absolutely, absurd by my standards. I can do this at home. On Celebrity, I did not even carry my own tray when
dining at a lunch buffet. White gloved waiters were everywhere. Meals were lavish to say the least. One could choose a sit down meal at both lunch and dinner. Choices were extravagant to say the least. I particularly enjoyed the low calorie menu. In turn, I managed to complete the entire cruise without gaining a pound. And I might say, the entrees, desserts, etc. were excellent even without the extra calories. Also, our stateroom was spotless. If we ventured about, our room was given a spruce up before we returned. Such cruises carry hundreds of guests, but they are much better by far. In short, even if for free, I would have to think twice about vacationing with Viking! I truly do not understand why Viking has such a top of the line reputation!!! Although our travel experiences with cruising have been limited, I am vividly aware of what is acceptable vs. what is not. Last, but not least, I have always yearned to travel with Viking...and so I have. Our vacation was anything but a vacation. In addition, Viking does not care one bit about its guests and what they might think one way or the other. Rethink traveling with Viking!!!

May 29, 2015
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      6th of Jul, 2015

    typical American I am an American bend over and kiss my ###. Just finished a 15 day cruise and there was nothing to complain about food was great, service was amazing, and well organized city tours with very knowledgeable guides. The only whinning we heard were from a few Americans, there was a seed in the grapes, why did they serve grapes with seeds. Please stay home

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