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Vesta T-Mobile / unauthorized credit card charges

1 Portland, OR, United States Review updated:

I noticed a charge on my credit card statement from Vesta T-mobile in November. I have never heard of this company before and I have never purchased anything from this company before.

I called Vesta at [protected] and the receptionist was well aware of the number of callers who have complained about un-authorized credit card charges from Vesta T-mobile. She connected me to a claims dept who wanted to assist me with my inquiry but she required my credit card number which i did not provide for obvious reasons.

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  • Va
      16th of Aug, 2006
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    T-Mobile - To benefit from other people's experiences - phone rebate
    United States

    What is this site, if not a place where people can gather information in order NOT to go through a variety of bad experiences that other people had to? And here is a fresh one for you, reader, who deserves to know this things so that you're not suckered into the dark wells of incompetent / dishonest / lazy / disorganized / out-to-screw-you businesses (you know who you are).

    When sending those rebate forms to companies such as the one mentioned above, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, send it through certified mail, because when you call them, and they say they've never heard of you, you can tell them that trick is not going to fly, because you have a receipt from the post office that shows you sent them the paperwork. And guess where I learned that little trick? HERE!!!! HA! They thought they were gonna get me, and it didn't work!!! HA! HA! HA! Consumers 1, big bad business 0!!!

  • Ra
      21st of Sep, 2006
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    T-Mobile - The cheapest plan - $400.00!
    United States

    After having service with T-mobile for a year I added another phone line for my son. When I spoke to the respresentative I told him I needed the cheapest plan they had. He gave me some plan that gave us 300 minutes. Which i did not know can be used up in one phone call. I am not cell phone saavy since i don't have a phone the phone are for my children. Anyhow we get our phone bill it is close to $400.00. They shut of the phones stating that we needed to pay that before our phone would be turned on. I made payment arrangements. I paid $137.00 and then another $100.00. Still no phone. They told me they would not turn my phone on until the full amount was paid but that we would be able to receive incoming calls never saying anything about them charging us for those call. Next phone comes in it is $507 and some change. I had asked them the keep the phone off until we were able to pay this amount. After talking the a customer services representative which was of no help. I asked for a supervisor which i never got they directed to to dispute it on the web-site. Yeah right like that is going to change anything. Can you please help.

    At this rate who know how much more I will be charged by the time that this is resolved.

  • Re
      13th of Oct, 2006
    -1 Votes
    T-Mobile - Refuses to honor its rebate offer
    United States

    T-mobile refuses to honor its rebate offer for $30 on a T-mobile To Go prepaid phone owned by a friend of mine. My friend sent in all the right proof of purchase and original box panel and receipt information but never got the rebate. Called to the Customer Care number and others,where they told her they supposedly never received the material in the P.O. box. She never got it back so she knows they got it and before the deadline date. She also sent complaint letters to the only different Box they'd give her to send complaints to, and got no answer at all. This seems like fraud or bait and switch, they can't simply refuse to honor the rebates. She says not only was she ripped off on the price of the phone, because down the street they were giving away the phones for free if you also bought minutes, but all those were gone. She bought her phone in a T-mobile store, not from some guy on the street, but she had trouble with the number of correct minutes that came with the phone. T-mobile won't respond, won't send her $30. This is despicable. I want everyone to know. She is so angry she has told me she's thinking of a business reporting agency or something. I hope she does that. T-mobile makes offers and tries to get away with not honoring them, it looks like. Any advice about how she can reach the corporate people who seem well hidden, I can pass along to her.
    Thank you.

  • Ma
      28th of Oct, 2006
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    T-Mobile - They have mislead and lied to me about the plan!
    United States

    Tmobile Account. Hi my name is Margaret Carrube and my son has just been enlisted into the coastguard. We have a family account with T Mobile for our cell phones. There are 3 of us on this perticular account. I called T Mobile and told them my son was going out of the country with the coastguard cutter cambell the ship he is assigned to. I specifically asked for a plan that would allow him to call home without any extra added charges. They told me the plan is 19.99 a month and he could call home from the virgin islands, cuba etc. When I received my phone bill it was over $400.00. I called to complain about this bill and they said there was nothing they could do but take off the charges for 19.99 a month it was for a blackberry international phone account. Now we don't have any blackberry phones. The woman I spoke to did not tell me anything about a Blackberry account.

    They are willing to deduct the blackberry charges but say we are responsible for the calls for the virgin islands to here. They have mislead and lied to me about the plan I selected. I cannot afford to pay this bill. I am on disability and I feel that they are at fault.If they know they are wrong about the plan they gave me then why should I still have to pay for the extra charges? Please Help Me. Thank you Margaret

  • Al
      31st of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    OK I can feel bad about some of the complaints out there I see, but this is totally absurd. Do you not think about things before you do them ? You Bought a Mobile phone for your kids ?? and you thought 300 minutes would be enough?? please, absurd. Were you not smart enough to monitor the minutes your children were using?? and WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS ALL TMOBILES FAULT??? YOUR KIDS USED THE MINUTES !!!! tmobile is not the ones who used the phone, all people know that incoming minutes are deducted from your rate plans bucket, and if you didnt know why were you so naive not to ask ??? There is nothing in your entire complaint that shows tmobile doing anything wrong, after the first month you could have changed rate plans to prevent it from happening again, you STILL DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO CHECK THE USAGE. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others, YOUR THE PARENTS, your responsible for them... not tmobile.

  • Bi
      1st of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I got cheated on the promised rebate on $30 T-Mobile To Go Nokia 6030. I sent in all the required documentation and on time. I received 3 letters refusing the rebate. After each, I contacted customer service and was assured the rebate was forth coming after the first 2 letters. On the third I was told the program was over and nothing could be done. They never intended to send a rebate. I recorded the last 2 conversations "for training purposes".

    Bottom line is; only a few will get a rebate. The program is conducted to deny your rebate regardless of whether you follow the rules.

    In the future, rebates will not enter into my purchase decision. How can you trust a company that treats its customers the way we were treated. Don't do business with them!!!

  • Ro
      4th of Aug, 2007
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    T-Mobile - Charges outside the 4 corners of the contract
    United States

    It has come to my attention that my service was stopped for a day. Things were taken care of and restored. NP ... Now, I see on my bill a restore fee of $20 which after going through the 4 corners of t-mobiles contract states nothing about how any additional fees nor does it state the amount of said fees...

    I asked to speak with their supervisor. Matt (0840732 employee ID )which has been the subject within these pages numerous times.

    Quote unquote Matt stated that " Its a t-mobile fee!" Oh, really, Matt NP show me where ,anywhere that its stated in the contract I signed that I am liable for ANY specific amount if my account needs to be restored? Again, it;s t-mobile fee. Im sorry Matt you can not simply add something to an account if its not stated in writing or Terms and Conditions. (which it does not) You would not tolerate someone calling you saying you owe $20 for something that is not in the contract. Again, he said "Its a t-mobile fee and again I said show me your rate list and fees and this call will end right now... Didn't happen

    Bottom line is this this is a Business scam adding $20 here and there and not giving the consumer full disclosure.

  • De
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    T-Mobile - Motorola Razor V3 Phone - Sell defective cell phones
    United States

    My family have had the phones for about 3 months - already my sisters had to be return because she could not receive any phone calls - and had to pay shipping charge for it to be returned and for them to replace it.

    Now my phone keeps cutting off - power. I have done everything as far as removing and replacing the battery, etc. It is still doing it, and I don't feel that it is right that we should have to pay for anything to be returned - when it is the companies defect.

    There needs to be a class action lawsuit!!!

  • Wh
      3rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree with the post above mine. No one's fault but the cell phone's owner. T-mobile has numerous ways to check your minute balance. To not use any of them and call foul on t-mobile is ridiculous.

  • Va
      11th of Sep, 2007
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    T-Mobile / Motorola Razr V3 - What kind of warranty is that?!
    United States

    I purchased 3 Razr phones from T-mobile in Jan 2007 with a 2 year contract. By May, one of the 3 stopped working.

    I called T-mibile, they said moisture got in because a dot was red. So therefore, the warranty does not covere it-- I was screwed. I did not complain back then, cause I thought I must be stupid to let the the moisture into the vulnerable phone.

    So I switched to a different phone. (so I am now officially paying for 3 numbers, using just 2 phones). Yesterday, after I got out of church, I turned the phone back on. I discovered I could no longer use my phone book or any menu service. I called t-mobile, they said it is a hardware issue, not a software issue and their 1-year warranty only covers software issue.

    What kind of warranty is that?!!

    I sincerely hope the company can get its act together and really start to serice its customers. They did a good job training the customer service reps, they were cordial and polite -- but the company needs to work with Motorola to make sure they do NOT sell lousy product in the market place. 2 out of 3 broken in 8 months is not a good product.


    Yousong Wang

  • Ti
      18th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    it's something that's not stated in writing perse, but is stated when you call and are past due on your account. not all the reps do that. in my experience with t-mobile none of the reps did that and i had to find out the hard way. i got half of it waived because i was persistant and if you get a cowardly supervisor that doesn't have a back bone or a rep that actually cares you can get met atleast half way on things.

  • Va
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    T-Mobile - Arlington, Tx - Misleading/questionable minutes billing
    United States

    I have three day weekends, and 600 whenever minutes on my T MOBILE plan. I was getting close to using all my minutes this billing cycle, so I used the #646# code frequently to make sure I didn't go over. It would take an hour or two to show the new total. It would also have- BILL CLOSE 11/01. I made it, SO I THOUGHT. Late in the evening on 11/01 it showed that I was over by 57 minutes. I got UPSET. NOW, early in the morning on 11/02, it's saying I'm 110 minutes over. 2 days after my BILL CLOSE?!

    They also charge me for text messages that never reach the recipient.

    My last bill was TWICE the average due to extra text messages. (texts that people say they never got) My two year contract ran out 2 months ago, so I think they may be trying to get whatever money they can out of me before I switch to another provider, where I can get UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for LESS than what they're SUPPOSED to charge me now. BEWARE OF T-MOBILE AND THEIR CODES! If you use #646# you better wait AT LEAST 2 to 3 days for your total.


  • Wi
      23rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered a mobile off the internet. It was supposed to arrive before 1pm the next day no later than 6pm. I did not arrive, i phoned then up and lke usual waited on hold for hours and they were no help. I am disgusted so much that literately feel sick to my stomach. The people who i were talking to on the phone did not even speak english, i had to spell everything out about 25 times and the person still did not understand, which made me want to ram the phone down his throat. If the phone does not arrive tonight, they will regret it. Believe me!

  • Da
      13th of Dec, 2007
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    T-Mobile - T-mobile poor customer service
    4286 Loma Casitas
    El Paso
    United States
    Phone: 915 821-9348

    I am writting in regards to T-mobiles poor customer service. my problem started on 11-10-07
    I called because my son's phone which was still under warranty broke and I spoke to a rep. and
    he assured me he would send a replacement whithin 3 business days. to no avail, Ive been getting
    the run arround ever since system down, no order formes ect.
    the last person I spoke to is supposebly the suppervisor and his name was Mike employee #1325
    he gave me the same excuses and told me he would call me within 72 hours to give me a confirmation
    number and once I get that number it will take 3 business days to recieve my phone, I told him the last
    person I spoke to gave me confirmation #00085424 he told me that number did not exist. it is now
    12-14-07 so my son has been without a phone for a little over a month.

  • Ro
      18th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Poor quality company. Refuse to give written agreements to end of term contract. Always make excuses, and have the audacity to be rude. This company should be sued!!!

  • Da
      31st of Jan, 2008
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    T-Mobile - Terrible experience!
    United States

    I had called T-Mobil to upgrade my phone and she would not give me the Sim Card that should have come with the phone. I talked to her over and over and she refused to send a Sim Card w/ the phone. Now, I need a new Sim Card for my phone because of my Sim Card being old and not working anymore, and I just had to buy one when I should have had a new one w/ my new phone in the first place. I have been a customer for 2-3 yrs. and I have never heard of paying for a phone and not getting the Sim Card w/ it. That is underhanded business, if you ask me.

  • Je
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    T-Mobile - Non-disclosure problem!
    United States

    This is for those that are tired of getting stuck with charges that don't belong to them. I noticed my T-Mobile bill going up in price each month, so today, being tired of paying more than what I signed on for, I started to do some research on our bills. Apparently T-Mobile raised the price of our text messaging WITHOUT informing us. We have kept every single piece of paper T-Mobile has sent to us over the last two years... we use one of the phones for business so we had to keep any and all documentation for expense reports and taxes. We never received any "insert". On top of this, for the last year of our service, we have had dropped calls, static on the lines, no service, etc. We have called many times to get the technical problems resolved-even went as far as purchasing new phones (at full cost) for both lines and replacing sim cards-and still-the service is below par. As far as the texting goes-I did my research and then looked at our plan online... I signed in, clicked on "Plans", went to the bottom of the window and clicked on "See Other Included Services", went to the bottom of the next screen and clicked on "More Information About Services", On the next page...First paragraph under the heading "ALL PLANS" If you read the first couple of lines-you will see that T-Mobile themselves say that text messages are only supposed to be 5 cents a text. This is for ALL PLANS-Not just for mine. Yet they are charging everyone more! As far as I am concerned-this is deplorable-and earns them MILLIONS of dollars a month!!! A month-not a year or more. Think on it-every one of their customers is paying more than what they say they actually are charging. I called T-mobile and explained that we were very unhappy with the service and now we find out that our Text cost went up. I spoke to a lady and explained what I found on their website and started to ask why they were charging me more than they themselves state the charge is supposed to be. And here I have been paying more for TWO YEARS!!! She said this was a tax, I said no it isn't-read the paragraph. She put me on hold for a few minutes. When she came back, I asked what would they do for me since I have been paying more than required for 2 years. She didn’t know-so I asked for a supervisor. It took a few minutes-but I got one... She came back and actually thanked me for finding the "typo". She couldn’t believe that no one had found it before. She even confirmed the “typo” with her supervisor and then their business department. When I did get the supervisor, she was very defensive. I wasn’t-I was actually pretty nice. I explain everything again, and I ask her-what was T-Mobile going to do for me since I have been paying over their own rates for the last two years. She states that she has documentation that we received the insert explaining about the Text rate change. She stated that I HAD to have received the insert. I told her I was more than willing to send her every paper I had for the last two years, it isn’t here. Unless I signed it and gave it back (which if I had received it and they had asked me to at the time-I probably would have), she cannot say I received it. I am not a dishonest person-I would take a lie detector test to prove we never received it. She refused to give any-she only offered me a rate of .10 cents for our texts for the last month, but as of right now-I am officially notified that my rate of texts from here on out would be 15 cents per text. I couldn’t believe she said that-I repeated ”So you are saying, as of right now-you are officially notifying me?” She said yes. If that is the case-I should be able to cancel my contract because I am just now officially informed of my text rate change, and since we are still having service problems after trying everything they suggested, we no longer want to keep the service. We especially don’t feel that we should have to pay even more for services that we are not happy with. She said no-and I said-but you stated yourself that people had 30 days from the time of discovery to cancel their contracts without an ETF if they did not approve of the rate change, and you just “OFFICIALLY” let me know of my rate change. She started to get a little more rude now and told me she could not waive the ETF. I explained that this didn’t make sense, from what she herself said in the beginning of the conversation. We keep going round in circles repeating the same points of view. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me they weren’t there but she would have them call me. I have “print screened” the page with the 5 cent text rate-with the date of 2-6-2008, so they can’t say it didn’t exist. If 5 cents per text was on their site and I saw it-they should honor it, and have it retro-active for the last 2 years. I just feel that they are cheating everyone, and they aren’t even letting anyone know about it. We shall see what happens.

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes
    T-Mobile - Voicemail, or lack thereof - No customer service help
    1321 N Catalina St
    United States
    Phone: (818)843-6112

    I started my plan with T-mobile, purchasing my phone and service plan online on the last day of June, 2007 (activation was in early July, 2007) and that's when the first signs of trouble began. The very first issue I had was on day one of having the plan (To be exact, day one of receiving the phone, they activated it before I received it by a day or two...) where the data plan, which I'll start by saying isn't optional on my phone when purchasing it and which I did have on my account when I checked out online buying the phone, was not active on my account (should have taken note there that they can't make their own systems work, but didn't) but that was relatively easy to fix by way of a quick phone call (though at that time the rep said I lied about having purchased that plan even though I had... Oh well.) For the next couple of months I had no issues other than the occasional dropout of service in "covered" areas. Then suddenly, my voicemail box dropped off the face of the planet. To the date of cancellation (over 3 months, 1 email, and 2 phone calls later) they never restored my voicemail service, nor did they attempt to. Instead I received the runaround, via email and over the phone I was asked if I wanted to "report a service outage" but was never offered any help in repairing and restoring my voice mail inbox. The customer support representatives that I talked to were unable to comprehend the problem that I was having and continually read from what seemed to be a script rather than actually helping me out. I called today (February 11, 2008) to finally cancel my 'incomplete' service once and for all on the grounds that they refused to help me fix my problem and was informed that (quite suddenly) they had no records of my previous calls.. (Even though they saw the first time I called from their system the second time I called about the voicemail problem, I found that strange..) They ended up saying that I would be paying $200 to cancel my service because of their error.

  • Va
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    T-Mobile - Subscription rip off
    PO Box 37380
    New Mexico
    United States

    I had two accounts because I exceeded the maximum number of phones for the Friends and Family Plan. When kids started leaving the house, I merged the two plans. T-Mobile automatically increased my subscription by 2-yrs without notifying me. I never received any phones or promotions. Now I can't get out. Then when my son went to T-Mobile to move his line to his own account, T-Mobile added a new account for him, but "parked" the line on my account. A year later they were charging me $200 for cancellation fee even though they still have my son as a user. I was forced to reinstate the line, but I have no SIM card to make use of it. It would cost me additional funds to get a phone that could actually use the line. T-Mobile practice SUCKS. I have already reduced my services to the minimum possible and will drop phones starting this month as the subscriptions end. By next January I will no longer be a T-Mobile Customer. They have already lost more revenue from me from plan reductions than they stood to get from the cancellation fee. And, they are losing a customer who pays over $1500 a year just to seal a few dollars. Talk about penny wise and dollar foolish. Yet they could care less. Their practice is nothing more than bait and switch and should be considered criminal.

  • Pr
      27th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes
    T-Mobile - T-Mobile: A customer service disaster
    New York
    United States

    I rely on cell phone to stay in contact with my wife in case of emergency and while traveling. Recently I came to Minnesota for a business purpose and since the last 7 days my wife, who is a busy doctor in New York, is unable to call me on my cell phone (but can call everyone else). We both are in the same family plan and each others Fav5. We call the customer service, account specialist, and technical support day after day and spend hours trying to solve the problem but to no avail. T-Mobile won't neither tell us what exactly the problem is nor when it will be solved. They don't want to compensate for emotional and mental distress (past one week and continuing) caused saying they don't compensate for "few days" of inconveniences and they don't allow us to opt out of the contract. One of the customer service recently told me:
    "However she has been able to send you text messages, I understand that this is not the same as a phone call but is sufficient in an emergency situation"

    It has been very frustrating for me and my wife and we want a service that we can truly rely on. But each time I tell them that they either provide me the service in full or let me go- they apologize for the inconvenience and then slam me with the contract. T-mobile is definitely a "world class customer service" disaster and extremely unreliable and potentially dangerous service and I would like to warn all those thinking of purchasing a cell phone service to be ware. YOU CANNOT RELY ON T-MOBILE. IT WILL LET YOU DOWN WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST. YOU WILL REGRET SOONER OR LATER IF YOU GO FOR T-MOBILE.

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