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Verizon Wireless / lying about termination fees

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We contacted Verizon Wireless on 7/11/08 to ask about our contract with them (up on 7/22/08) and to inquire on any termination fees associated with switching our account over to AT&T for the I Phones we were purchasing. We were told by the CSR that there would be no termination fees since the last bill had gone out and out account was nearing the end of our term anyway. I specifically asked the CSR to repeat that several times to make sure I heard it correctly and she repeated it 3 times that there would be no termination fees.

She lied. Period. Boldfaced lies. We received a billing notice through our bank saying we owed 438.17, which is the last month's bill amount plus termination fees. This is absolutely ridiculous that companies like Verizon are allowed to lie to customers and then screw them over in their billing.

We were also told by the Verizon CSR that even though our contract ended on 7/22/08 (11 days from the date we called) our phone numbers couldn't be released until 8/4/2008, at the end of the billing cycle. I asked about the telephone number portability act and challenged that statement saying that we were told by other carriers numbers could be ported over at any time, not just at the end of the billing cycle. We told the CSR that we would prefer to keep our numbers but new numbers would be obtained if they were going to charge termination fees. 3 frigging times the woman said there were no termination fees to be assessed and yet we are hit with over $300 in termination fees.

Unbelievable. A class action should really be filed against verizon for this kind of crap. Anyone know the regulatory agencies I can contact to file a formal complaint?

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  • Fr
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I can tell you exactly where your problem came in, you called in and said when can i get new phones? you were told the date you could get new phones and assumed you were out of contract, csr's cant blatantly lie to a customer, calls are recorded, csr's dont see a date saying 9/1/08 and tell you now you can get out of contract? are you kidding, pull out your contract and check the date, then you wont have that problem

  • Er
      28th of Jul, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me! I called in advance to see if I could switch in the last month - to make certain, I called THREE times. Every time the rep told me I could switch over without the fee since I was in the last month. Of course when the bill came, I was charged the fee. Guess this sort of crap is why Verizon just lost the class action against it for violating the laws of the State of California.

  • An
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    follow this link to file an online complaint against Verizon. Good Luck!!

  • Sc
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    A contract end date is a contract end date, period, whats so hard to understand about that? It's your own fault.

  • Co
      30th of Nov, 2008
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    I had the exact same problem with them in 06. Check my post "extended contract w/o permission". They did the same billing cycle crap with me and I called three times to confirm my cancel date in July 06. I signed a one year agreement in early July 05. Unfortunately I can't find the original damn contract. So far in two years they have had up to 10 collection agencies contact me but I never respond to them. It does no good and don't fall for those deals in which they offer a settlement amount. They just sell of the balance to another collection agency and you are still stuck with the balance plus xtra costs.

  • Mi
      27th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    If you ###s actually read your contracts it does states that your service will terminate at the end of your bill cycle. And go ahead and file class actions. It your word against Verizon Wireless and they have copies of the contracts you signed that clearly show your contract end dates. So you will not have a chance at winning. You will just waste your time and money and Verizon Wireless will laugh in your ugly faces.

  • Na
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon. My 2 years contract expires in 2 days. I ordered T-Mobile online and asked to port my number to the new contract. I thought the switch will take place at the end of my contract, but they went with the switch anyway two days before the 2 years expiration date. I have already paid my last month bill to Verizon covering until 11-20-09. Today my phone is dead and Verizon will charge me 60 bucks for early termination fee ($175 - $115= $60 115 =$5 times 23 months). When I called Verizon today I was told the number has already be transfered to T-Mobile and nothing can be done and I will be charged 60 bucks. When I asked for a refund for the unused days left in my contract(just to have some fun with the customer rep) they said no :(.If I wait until pass the expiration date then I will become a month by month client. Once in a monthly contract, the same happens, you have to sitch exactly the last day or they will charge you another month . If you end the monthly contract the second day, you have to pay for the rest of the month. In my case, they will keep the money for the remaining of the month plus another 60 bucks. For them it is a done deal, they didn't bother with give me a call to confirm the switch. I'm glad to paid the 60 bucks than sign again with them thieves. Yeah, I know legally they are right (for you legal eagels out there) just a little piss off. By the way all them are the same Verizon, T-mobil, Metro, ATT, et al. So, if you want to port your number, just get whatever new number the new company give you, and then do the switch, don't let them deal in your name or you will be screw at the end.

  • Rc
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    Verizon is one of the worst, purposely deceptive companies I've yet dealt with. I had been w/ T-Mobile for over 4 years before trying Verizon, and it has been a great mistake. They charge for unauthorized data texting when I specifically told the rep at the sign up that I only want the most basic voice plan, as my husband and I together use only 200min/mo. Then they made plenty of excuses to not credit the cost, saying there's nothing they can do about it b/c it's 3rd party, etc. After enough reasoning, they finally credit 2 out of 6 months of these fees. Also, the phone has been dying every two days, and while we rarely use it, when we do get a call we miss it b/c the phone goes dead. So the rep give me a corporate store to goto to get it fixed or replaced. Then the service guy tries to convince me the phone's going dead b/c I didn't update by pressing *288, then tries to send me home. I insist he changes the battery so I don't make another trip. He pulls out the batteries, spins it on the table and says nothing is wrong w/ it. When tell him just switch it them w/ new one and if these work fine, then you can use these for another phone, he finally brings out new ones, then tells me he can't give these for free b/c the batteries aren't under warranty and/or b/c I didn't sign up at a corporate location. So, as I leave I call cus svc again, and the guy on the phone confirms what a huge liar Daniel at the E. Valley, El Monte, CA location is. This guy finally resolves this one of 3 issues; he's sending new replacement phones. My impression is that what Daniel did is company protocol; these guys are going to try to make you pay more until you can prove them wrong. Next time I may just file a small claims. In fact, most of you should; I think it'll send a message to these large, unscrupulous companies that they better have some integrity.

  • Co
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Verizon Wireless - Extended Contract date w/o permisson
    United States

    In July 2005 I became a contracted customer with Verizon for one year to expire in July 06. In May and June of 06 I called three times to get a confirmation as to when my contract expires and they told me the date in July when it was free and clear for me to leave. Well I thought I was free and clear too...they even told me you're free and clear to do whatever you want. So days after the one year agreement expired I went over to Sprint for new service. Verizon sends me an early termination fee of $175.00. I called them and they told me that although July whatever was my 1 year anniversary date that August 5th was the real termination date because that started the new billing cycle. I explained yada yada to them and it did no good. Just monkeys on a headset trying to feel important. I told them to forget about getting any money from me and they said we will keep calling you. Go ahead, couldn't care less. I decided not to pay nor will I even though they have sent this to almost 10 collection agencies offering me discounts which I will not fall for. Two years later they are still trying to get ahold of me. I say keep it goin because im laughing about it. They can only call my land line and noone ever answers it not even me. I probably have answered that phone less than 100 times in 10 years. They ALWAYS get an answering machine and at times they have left messages saying I won prizes or they are calling about surveys. When I hear a voice I don't forget it. Some of the letters from the collection agencies have fake debts for thousands of dollars saying I owe just to get me to answer the phone or call them back. Don't fall for this ### or give your personal info out to anyone. NEVER let a collection agency intimidate you. If they call you just play some porn clips over the phone or hardcore rap songs. Use racial slurs against them and talk ### about their families...they can't do anything to you. One last thing...The letters say my credit will be wrecked because of this and I won't be able to get a loan well thats not true. Verizon is the only negative listing on my report and I just got financed at 4.9% for a Ford Fusion. So again don't let these low-life monkeys intimidate you.

  • Co
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    I also check my credit report several times a year for free. Verizon is the only negative listing still on it. Five more years and it will be off.

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