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I first opened my Verizon account in August of 2006 in New Hampshire. I was required to put a $500 deposit down because I was 18 and had no credit history. A month later I moved back to South Carolina and had my phone number changed so I would have a local number. I paid my first month's bill a week after I changed my number. I added another line in January 2007 with no problem. March 2007 I went to add a new line and was told I would have to put a $1000 deposit down. When I asked why, they informed me I had an outstanding balance of $997. My first thought was that someone MUST have stolen my identity and that there was no way this was in fact my account. WRONG. When I set up my account in New Hampshire they only gave me 250 minutes. I was supposed to have had 1400, so every minute I used over the 250 was an overage. They didn't put text messaging on my plan at all and every text charged me as well. After fighting this and disputing it with Verizon for over a year it was finally removed from my credit report, or so I thought. I was told back when I first opened my account that I would get my deposit back after I paid my bill on time for 6 months. Well, 6 months came and went 4 times by the time I finally got that deposit back. I called in December 2008 and was told I had already received a check for the refund in December 2007. After fighting with her for 20 minutes I was told they would look into it and if they find that I in fact did not receive the first check, they would reissue it. I got a $515 check in the mail 3 weeks later. Now, if I "owed" them $997 WHY THE HELL would they send me a refund check of $515? And WHY would they allow me to still continue my service with them? Verizon appeared back on my credit report as a "charged off, bad debt" in April of this year.

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      Sep 08, 2009

    I am fighting a similar battle with them right now. I am no longer a customer and plan to never recommend their service to anyone.

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