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Verizon Wireless / 30 day free trial

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Tried Verizon Wireless 30 day free trial in September 2008. Returned phone to same store it was purchased from within three weeks. When the phone was returned, asked what was owed and was informed nothing -- just as the ad implies. Received a refund for the phone and services originally billed. Seemed good.

SInce then, I have received months of bills for wireless service on a phone that was returned and credited. Multiple calls to Verizon result in different explanations each time for being billed. (Along with some credit being applied.)

Result to date, Verizon wants to charge me $150 - to cover the three weeks I had the phone and for service the month after returning the phone. What part of free 30 day trial does this fit into?

Requested a supervisor contact me, since I also maintain a business wireless account with Verizon. Nothing. No returned calls. In fact, Verizon is sending the account to collections. (For a 30 day free trial.) Will continue to dispute the charge. Also moving my business phone service to another carrier.

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  • Ra
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    I was exploring if Verizon Wireless would give me better service than my current carrier on International Calling.

    So I went to the local Verizon Store- and after discussion with a sales associate decided that I would get the "test ride" of 30 days. I obtained the phone on October 13, and did not have to sign a contract because my credit card was going to be charged the amount in escrow- "to be returned in full" if I was dissatisfied with Verizon service.
    First: I could not even receive calls from my international clients on the phone, and, I never used the phone to call out! The only thing I did to charge the phone up.
    Second: I received my first bill from Verizon ( invoice dated October 19) seeking monthly access charge of $136.76, wireless "surcharges" etc. and taxes etc. for a total bill of $184.88. I took this bill with me to the store on October 24 when I went to return the phone. The bill was due on November 14th. The sales associate at the counter said not to worry, I was going to get the full refund since I was not happy with the international coverage.
    Third: A new invoice dated October 23, with $184.88 due immediately, and an early termination fee charge of $177.92, and a credit of (-) $99.26 monthly access charge etc. totaling a bill for $260.76 (of which $75.66 was due by November 18)!
    Fourth: I took this new invoice, the past invoice and a refunded-credit card receipt back to the store yesterday at about 6.45PM.

    I waited for 22 minutes even after registering .l 45 minutes later, close to 7.15PM- with three people now behind the counter and the manager of the store saying that she did not like my tone of voice- I walked out;

    I am looking at a long and protracted, wasteful series of correspondence given what I have read from other consumers writing about this on you site!

  • Ef
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Yep - same trick used on me - except it took from June 07 to Feb 09 to receive first collections notice.

  • Ma
      19th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Again, for the third time, you may not have signed a contract by pen and ink, but when you activated the phone you did, I repeat, YOU DID sign electronically. The thirty day period is absolutely under the promise of use it, you don't like it you can port your number out and cancel the contract but you must pay any usage charges. PAY THE BILL. You owe it and i'm sick to death of all of my bills going up up up to pay for all the deadbeats out there.

  • Lo
      26th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    30 day trial allows you to return the phone for refund of the phone price and waiver of the early termination fee. You must pay for the service you used. It would be crazy for them to allow you free service for three weeks. You didn't owe anything at the store because you bill hadn't generated.

  • Ci
      31st of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Dave: The exact same thing happened to me; I'm still trying to resolve in collections, and planning to go to small claims court. Do you have any old documentation of the offer that I might get from you? Best, Christina

  • Mk
      6th of Aug, 2017
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    I am facing the same issue. Within a few hours of the so-called 'free trial 30-days' during April-May 2017, I asked to disconnect Verizon's services due to extremely slow internet. Even then they are trying to collect from me $ 158 in the name of phone number portability. I'll have to fight out the case in Fair Consumer Practices, AARP, and other government agencies fighting for US citizens against bad business practices by Verizon.

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