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This is a letter written in response to a collection notice from Verizon FIOS. RE: MRS ACCT#: 345XXXX Amount Due: $183.48 Dear MRS Dispute Department, I am writing in response to the above referenced account which originated with Verizon. Below is a very detailed and somewhat complicated explanation of my horrific experience with Verizon. Please forgive me for oversharing, but I intend on sending this email to Verizon and the FCC as well. I understand that MRS has just acquired this account, and none of this is any fault of MRS or its associates. 1. Originally I established services with Verizon in October of 2012 under account # XXXXXXXXXXX0102. This account was at my residence of X XXXXXX Court, Dover, DE XXXXX. I was a renter. My landlord was very particular about not drilling into the siding of the house. The installation rep had to install service using a crawl space under the house. (This is important as you will read later in #6 below) When this service was disconnected, there was an outstanding balance of over $300 on this account. I do not know the exact amount. 2. In January 2014, my Chapter 7 bankruptcy was discharged. Please find attached my Discharge of Debtors: Page 3 will show that Verizon Bankruptcy Department was notified of my bankruptcy. According to bankruptcy law, I am not responsible for the balance left on the account mentioned in #1 above. 3. In January 2015, a Verizon representative visited my home (still at X XXXXXX Court, Dover, DE XXXXX) and asked me to switch to Verizon from my current carrier. I explained the prior account in #1 and the bankruptcy in #2. I was told that I was approved for service regardless, with no down payment. I was hesitant still, because as I explained to the sales woman, I was moving out of state in July. She ASSURED me that I because I was moving to an area that did not offer Verizon FIOS (I provided the zip code that I was moving to), I could cancel with NO FEE. Well, she lied as you will read further in #5 below. 4. Because I was assured I could cancel in July with no fee, and Verizon was going to “save” me a little bit of money each month (insert laughter here), I switched. New service was installed in January 2015 under a new account number XXXXXXXXX0001. 5. In June 2015, I called to set up a cancellation of my account mentioned in #4 above. Low and behold, I was advised that I was going to be charged a $200 fee for early termination of the contract. I asked for a supervisor. I explained the story I was told by the sales person. Basically I was told “Too bad”. There was nothing that could be done about the $200 fee. I wrote a letter of complaint…surprisingly (NOT) I got no response. At that time, I had the name and personal cell phone number of the sales person who lied to me. Verizon did not care. Defeated, I had to accept the $200 fee as my liability. 6. Only days before my scheduled move (late June I believe), I had to call Verizon because my internet stopped working. I needed my internet as I work from home. After several attempts to reset the internet/modem by phone, I was told I needed to have a service person come to the house. I accepted the first available date and time, which was July 2. I wasn’t available to be there on the date of the service call, but my 67 year old mother was there. The service technician came, advised my mom a wire needed to be replaced and without asking permission DRILLED into the siding of the house. Remember in #1 when I said my landlord didn’t want the siding drilled into? Not only did the service person damage the siding, but he also left a huge mess on my floor. Wires strewn about and l eft his drill right in the middle of the floor. See the attached photo which I took on the day of my service appointment. I took the photo with the intention of writing another complaint letter, but upon moving out of state, and never receiving a response to my first letter, I thought “What does it matter?” I left the drill right there in the middle of the floor….right up until the time that I moved out on July 7. The service person did not call to ask for his drill, did not call to apologize for leaving it on my bedroom floor….NOTHING. 7. After my equipment (boxes, modem, etc.) was returned, I got confirmation via email in August. A short time later, I got another email containing bill details. It was one of those emails where there was a link to watch a personalized video detailing your bill. The balance according to that video was approximately $365 which is what I remembered my balance to be (my last month’s bill plus the bogus $200 early termination fee). I set up Bill Pay via my Wells Fargo checking account. I split the balance into 8 equal payments of $45.56. As if all of the prior mentioned experiences weren’t horrific enough, here is where it gets REALLY BAD. 8. What I didn’t notice is that the emailed personalized bill video I received was for the account I mentioned in #1 (Account # XXXXXXXXXXX0102) which should NOT have any balance considering it was included in my bankruptcy mentioned in #2 above. Unaware of this discrepancy, I made payments of $45.56 on 8/21/15, 9/4/15, 9/18/15, 10/2/15 and 10/16/15 using Account # XXXXXXXXXXX0102. 9. Sometime around 10/16/15 (perhaps earlier) I called Verizon because I’d received a bill for Account #XXXXXXXXX0001 and it did not show receipt of any of the payments mentioned above. I was literally on the phone for 2 hours on this day trying to figure out what was going on. After speaking to no less than 10 people, I was ultimately transferred to a collection agency. The collection agency couldn’t help me either because my account was not in collections…at least not yet. At the end of the call, although I was completely frustrated, I at least realized what the issue was. a. The issue was that the first 5 payments mentioned in #8 above had been posted to my old account # XXXXXXXXXXX0102 instead of account # XXXXXXXXX0001. I was also advised that the original balance on account number XXXXXXXXX0001 was $369.50. Since at that time I had made 5 payments of $45.56, I recalculated and updated the account number on my Wells Fargo Bill Pay checks. On 10/16/15 I made a second payment of $46.82 using the correct account number of XXXXXXXXX0001. Followed by an additional 2 payments of $46.82 on 11/1315 and 11/27/15. b. As a reminder, I did not owe ANYTHING on account # XXXXXXXXXXX0102 since it was included in my bankruptcy! I should not have ever been billed for this account and Verizon should not have accepted ANY PAYMENTS on this account. 10. To date I have paid a total of $368.26. All proof of payment is attached to this email. a. $45.56 on 8/21/15 b. $45.56 on 9/4/15 c. $45.56 on 9/18/15 d. $45.56 on 10/2/15 e. $45.56 on 10/16/15 f. $46.82 on 10/16/15 g. $46.82 on 11/13/15 h. $46.82 on 11/27/15 11. The amount due on the notice from MRS is $183. 48. I have no idea where that balance came from because when I called Verizon in October 2015, I was advised the balance on Account # XXXXXXXXX0001 was $369.50. Since I have made payments totaling $368.26, my records show I owe a total of $1.24 ($369.50-$368.26=$1.24) which I will pay once this entire issue is resolved and I receive a corrected invoice reflecting that amount….that is, unless Verizon determines that all of my pain and suffering is worth at least $1.24 and is willing to write that amount off? (Insert more laughter here) I am asking that Verizon, or MRS, or whoever is responsible to resolve this issue reads each of the above pieces of information and takes appropriate action to move payments from Account XXXXXXXXXXX0102 to Account XXXXXXXXX0001. Then immediately remove my account from collection and DO NOT report this to any credit bureau. Looking back at all of my experiences, I am appalled at the TRAIN WRECK that Verizon Customer Service has become. • January 2015: Sales person visited my home and LIED to make a sale • June 2015: Supervisor is absolutely no help at all and will not adjust an error made by the sales person. I am held liable for a $200 early termination fee that I was promised I would not have to pay. • June/July 2015: Wires that were in place for only 6 months suddenly need to be replaced • July 2015: Service technician drills into the siding of my house without permission AND leaves his mess for me to clean up on my bedroom floor • August 2015: Verizon sends me a bill for an account that was written off in Chapter 7 bankruptcy • October 2015: 2 hour phone call to Verizon Customer Service. No one would help me. Shipped me off to a collection agency to get me off the phone even though my account was not in collections. • December 2015: Verizon sends me to collections even though in October, there are PLENTY of notes on my account explaining the billing discrepancy. Need I mention that I will NEVER again do any type of business with ANY company who has ANY connection to Verizon? Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. Otherwise, I look forward to learning this has been resolved. Based on Verizon’s track record though, I’m not holding my breath. Sincerely, Jamie H.


Jan 12, 2016

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