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This is NOT a moving company, but a broker. They did NOT explain this to me, and even when I asked if the actual movers were company employees they told me they were. Which, I suppose could be construed as technically true since they "hired" them although they don't pay them at all. The way they work is that they over quote you, then take a percentage up front. The amount owed after the move goes directly to the actual movers. So it works in their best interest to over quote you so that the beginning amount is larger, more profit for them. When they were telling me that they wanted to over quote me by several thousand pounds I asked repeatedly if this would mean that I would only pay the actual amount weighed and was assured that indeed I would only pay the amount owed for the actual weight of the move. Why would I accept the over quote up front you may ask? The reason is simple. The first percentage paid can be paid by credit card. The amount owed after the move must be paid in cash, money order or, I was originally told, cashier's check. As I was moving to a new state and did not have access to a bank at my new address it was to my advantage to pay as much as I could ahead of time.

In the end the movers were grumpy, came a day later than I had originally scheduled, and pressured me to show up at the new place, several states away (with 3 children, two cats and not a second of time to clean my old apartment as planned) the next day. They were scheduled to arrive 3 days after the pick up. Then that was changed to 2 days after pick up. In the end they began calling me the day after pick up and requesting that I hurry to the destination as soon as possible.

Further, this is a THREE person company. This is what the movers told me. Strangely I spoke with 5 different people there.

They are scam artists and NOT MOVERS.

They are cheap, but not the cheapest, and while Dina, or whatever her name is, was very polite in the beginning, she was conveniently unavailable starting a few days before my move.
I will never use this company again and will definitely, in the future, go with a more well known company and an actual moving company rather than a broker.

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  • Ra
      Jun 22, 2011
    Verizon Van lines - Worst moving company ever
    Verizon Van lines
    United States

    This is the worst company ever. They contracted out some company "Lee Moving" which I was not aware of. The moving truck did not bother to call after being an hour late. The communication was horrible. They finally called to say they would be there at 5:30pm. They were supposed to come at 9AM!!! I would NEVER recommend this company. They ruined my move to Chicago!

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