Verizon / this situation has put a bad taste in my mouth

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To whom it may concern: Executive Relations Team. On October 6th 2011 I called customer service and got the Salt Lake City, Utah, Call Center. The agent that answers is named Tyler. I began to tell him of the problems I have been having with my Android Motorola X2. I explained problems after problem. I Explained to him I had called numerous times about locking up freezing overlapped photos, slow motion videos, texts not sending, locking up resetting, running hot, so hot you could not hold it at times.

I explained I spoke to tech 2 support many times. And that I’ve had many replacement devices. Explain that maybe if I was put into a different device such as the newer Motorola bionic, basically due to the bugs finally being worked out, that maybe this may help.

Tyler Explain that’s the Motorola Bionic was a 4G device and that he would need his supervisor to override an approval for this warranty replacement. Tyler then asked if he could place me on hold to speak with his supervisor to see if he could get this type of approval for a Motorola Bionic. I said sure! Anything you can do would so be appreciated. I said but also make sure you can overnight that next day free of charge. Tyler said overnight “free” would not be a problem.

Tyler’s then place me on hold and did come back about 3 to 4 minutes later. Tyler advises that his supervisor did override the warranty replacement for the Motorola Bionic. I said oh wonderful that will be perfect. Thank you so much. I then explained the worries I had about my car dash mount dock and nightstand charger dock that would they match up to the new model. Tyler then references the issued on his computer and said he was looking up pictures of those accessories to see if they would match up.

After a moments of him referencing the pictures of those accessories in reference. He did indeed confirm that the accessories would work with the Motorola Bionic. Tyler then agreed that the order was confirmed with his supervisors override and approval and I would get the replacement device sometimes tomorrow. I thanked Tyler and we ended the call.

Later on today I thought about battery compatibility and if my battery would work with the new model. Well I was at work so I called my husband and had him call customer service to check compatibility on the batteries. After a few moments into the call he finds out that Tyler from Utah call center did not order warranty replacement of the Motorola Bionic that he had only sent the Motorola X2 as the replacement.

Well needless to say we are very upset an outraged that this agent would lie to a customer at this magnitude based on all the issues and problems I’ve had with a Motorola droid x 2.

As a customer I believe the call should be pulled. I believe it should be listen to by the Executives Relations Team Department. I believe the supervisor should be contacted and actions taken. I believe that what the agent “Tyler” offered should be honored and deducted from his check. As an example I do not doubt Tyler nor would any agent would ever lie to a customer at that magnitude again. I ask, is this allowed and expectable for the employees of Verizon to treat the customer that pays good hard earned money for a service and respect.

I have 3 smartphones on my account and am happy with the wireless service, but as a result this situation has put a bad taste in my mouth and for future reference I could take my business to another wireless provider at the end of my contract. Maybe sooner if I can find a better provider that speaks the truth the way that Verizon agents were in my mind.


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